Montreal, Quebec(Hexa PR Wire–February 21)Perceptage International, specializing in remote monitoring security services, has updated its offerings to provide more efficient and reliable surveillance solutions for businesses and properties. This service upgrade emphasizes personalized monitoring with dedicated agents for each client.

Dedicated Monitoring Approach

Perceptage International’s service model involves assigning specific monitoring agents to clients for the entirety of their contract. This strategy aims to improve incident response times and accuracy by ensuring agents are well-acquainted with the sites they oversee. The company connects remotely to any internet-enabled camera systems, enhancing its capability to monitor activities without physical presence.

Remote Control and Incident Response

The company also offers remote control over gates, lights, and alarm systems, providing a comprehensive security solution that reduces the need for on-site personnel. Agents have the autonomy to act in emergency situations, including contacting emergency services and managing maintenance issues, which contributes to a proactive security approach.

Live Monitoring vs. Automated Systems

Highlighting the limitations of automated “AI” security systems, which often generate false alarms due to environmental factors, Perceptage International advocates for the effectiveness of live monitoring. The company’s approach is designed to provide detailed and continuous incident updates, which are preferred by law enforcement and emergency services over generic alerts generated by AI systems.

Security and Surveillance Services

Perceptage International’s monitoring extends to both exterior and interior settings, addressing various security concerns such as unauthorized entry, theft, and safety hazards. The service includes a dedicated “Security Operator” available 24/7, eliminating the inconsistencies associated with physical security staffing.

Additional Services Offered

Clients benefit from additional services at no extra cost, including the capability to view multiple cameras during incidents and to operate client-specific systems like intercoms.

For more information on Perceptage International’s remote monitoring services, interested parties are encouraged to visit Perceptage International’s website.

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