Tampa, Florida–(Hexa PR Wire. – Jan, 12, 2022)Strategos Group, a Florida-based education management consulting firm, announces Dr. Rod Berger as its first Senior Advisor.

Managing Partner Adam Giery is excited about this next step in the firm’s relationship with Berger.

Giery says, “Dr. Rod Berger’s transition to senior advisor is a recognition of his value to our mission and the trajectory of Strategos Group. Rod is a trusted advisor and proven thought leader in the education space across the globe, and his continued leadership and industry insights remain a value add to our enterprise.”

Berger says, “I look forward to continuing my relationship with Strategos Group in this new advisory capacity. I believe in Strategos and its vision to advance districts, educators, and students at all levels of education, and I’m honored to be a part of that.”

Strategos and Berger believe the enterprise growth of Strategos coincides with international opportunities to expand networks of influence through the power of story. “Rod’s ability to identify a story and, more importantly, the people behind the ‘story’ makes this appointment a critical component to expand our reach and impact across the U.S. and beyond,” says Giery.

Berger will continue his popular On Balance podcast, part of the Strategos podcast network (SPN), bringing thought leaders throughout K12 and higher education to the airwaves. “I’m excited to continue podcasting on the topics driving the education sector through the power of Strategos’ influential network,” shares Berger.

About Dr. Rod Berger

Dr. Rod Berger is a communication strategist and on-air personality engaging with global and iconic companies, individual brands, celebrities, professional athletes, and award-winning entertainers.

Dr. Rod Berger
Dr. Rod Berger

Berger writes for Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, and in 2022 he traveled to sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East (Jordan), Sweden, Norway, Toronto, and from Miami to Los Angeles, covering stories. A notable visit took place with the Pope and UN officials in Rome in 2022 to discuss the global refugee crisis, and in early 2023 he will be in Kosovo to interview the President of the country.

Other highlights from the last 12 months include an in-person interview with UFC Hall of Famer Khabib Nurmagomedov inside the octagon and a sit-down interview with a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad during Berger’s trip to the Middle East.

Berger covered the Denniz Pop Music Awards in Stockholm, Sweden, and visited the Tambacounda Region of Senegal in Sub-Saharan Africa. The transitional year was capped by interviews and stories with Sammy Hagar of Van Halen, DJ Cassidy, a behind-the-scenes account at Formula 1, and a personal profile of Divya Gokulnath, cofounder of BYJUs, the largest education company in the world, and Lionel Messi sponsor for the 2022 World Cup winners.

About Strategos Group

Founded in 2011, Strategos Group operates at the national, state, and local levels with offices in Florida, Idaho, Maryland, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington D.C. Our team of former state education commissioners, White House appointees, and business professionals advises public institutions, philanthropies, startups, and Fortune 500 companies.

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