As vaping becomes more and more popular across the globe, more and more vaping devices are being created for a variety of purposes. The Dr Dabber Switch is one of the latest, and quite frankly one of the coolest vaping devices to hit the market. It can be found on sites like Slick Vapes along with many other cool vaping gadgets. 

The dr dabber switch is awesome for any regular vaper. This device is unique in the way it vapes both extract and flower, which not many devices on the market do. The battery life on the Dr Dabber is longer than most devices too, and unlike other devices, if the battery does die, you can simply plug it in and continue to vape. The dr dabber also comes with a variety of awesome accessories. It comes with a cool silicone dab jar, a dab cap and heat resistant reverse tweezers for handling fine extracts and herbs. You can also find loads of added accessories online as well as those that come with it as standard.

The Dr Dabber has a variety of settings for different intensities when vaping. Higher and lower settings depending on your preference. The lower setting is more recommended if you’re looking to enjoy the flavour. Whereas the higher setting is more recommended for those looking to get more of a kick out of their vape. 

Vaping is definitely, in the modern age, more popular than cigarette smoking. Cigarette smoking comes with a long list of health hazards. 

Unlike cigarette smoking, vaping is proven to be a much healthier habit than smoking. Vaping is not only indoor friendly, but a lot of small and independent businesses still allow electronic cigarettes and vaping devices to be used on their premises. Vaping doesn’t have the same lingering scent you get from cigarette smoking. Infact, vaping has often been said to leave a much more pleasant aroma when used indoors. 

Recent studies have found vaping to be the much safer, and less hazardous habit. Smoking, unlike vaping, when lit with a match or lighter produces carcinogens which are inhaled when smoked. As vaping is a liquid compound when inhaled, it doesn’t carry the same chemicals. Not to mention, vaping is a lot safer for your organs too. Regular cigarette smokers are at higher risk of developing respiratory illnesses, as well as heart disease, heart attacks and even strokes. Cigarettes can lead to higher blood pressure as they restrict the arteries supplying the heart of oxygenated blood. It also has an impact on the liver and kidneys too, as they are put under unnecessary stress as they fight to rid the body of unwanted toxins.

Those who choose vaping over smoking reduce the risk of heart disease and respiratory illnesses. It is no wonder that health care professionals recommend vaping over smoking. The other thing to consider as well, is that vaping is commonly used as a method for regular smokers to actually quit smoking altogether. It is said that vaping is a much more effective method of quitting smoking than nicotine patches or nicotine gum. 

And lastly, for those considering vaping, it is worthy to bear in mind that vaping is much cheaper over the long term. As vaping devices and electronic cigarettes normally come with rechargeable batteries and refillable fluid tanks as standard, your only expense is replacing the fluid. A quality vaping product, if maintained properly should last you a long time. 

For most smokers, vaping is definitely the safer, less hazardous and more affordable choice. Vaping devices are easy accessible nowadays and they are reliable too. If you’re looking to quit smoking altogether or are simply looking for a healthier alternative, vaping is a wise choice.