7 Advantages of Giving Candles as a Birthday Gift for Friends

When your friend’s birthday rolls around, you may be wondering what to get them for their special day. One idea is to surprise them with a candle in their favorite scent or color. What may seem like a simple gift is sure to make their day. If you are unsure about this gift, here are seven advantages of giving candles to your friend as a birthday gift.

1- Easier To Add To Gift Baskets

If you are putting together a gift basket for your friend’s birthday, you may be wondering what items to add to their basket. You can never go wrong with candles. The wide variety of scents, sizes, and colors make it easier to find the perfect addition to their gift basket.

2- They Come In Various Scents

Candles come in a range of scents, from soothing lavender to sweet vanilla. You can even find scents inspired by the beach, holidays, and farms. There are also scents of fruit, cookies, and other treats. The wide selection makes it possible to find scents that appeal to your friend.

3- Available In Different Sizes

You can find candles in several sizes to fit your friend’s gift. For example, you may need a few votive candles for their gift basket, or maybe you want to surprise them with a jar candle as a separate gift. The selection of sizes also allows you to keep their wants and needs in mind, such as larger candles that last longer.

4- Works For Colored-Themed Gifts

Another advantage is being able to use candles for color-themed gifts. If you are putting together a pink or green basket for a friend who enjoys the color, you can easily find pink or green candles to include in the basket. One idea is to look for candles in light and dark shades to add a little variety to their colored-theme gift.

5- Offers A Bit of Aromatherapy

Candles also offer a bit of aromatherapy because they give off scents that help people to relax. Your friend may find lavender, rosemary, citrus, or spiced-scented candles to be soothing after a long day. If you are putting together a gift to help your friend unwind, be sure to offer some aromatherapy through scented candles.

6- Popular Home Decor For Years

You do not have to worry about your friend’s reaction to their gift because candles have been a popular form of home decor for years. In fact, your friend may already have a candle collection at home. You can help them expand their collection by surprising them with a candle for their birthday.

7- Budget-Friendly Gift Idea

Finally, candles are a budget-friendly gift idea for many people. There are many retailers who offer candles of various sizes at affordable prices. You can find high-quality candles ranging from $15 to $35. Some retailers even offer candles for less than $15. This way, you can surprise your friend with the best candles on the market without breaking the bank.

It is always nice to surprise your friend with a special but practical birthday gift, and you are going to find that candles make great gifts regardless of the occasion.