Macedonia: Massive Rally in Skopje, Support from Paragliders

March 20, 2017, Monday @ 18:51 in Politics » DOMESTIC | Views: 340
Macedonia: Massive Rally in Skopje, Support from Paragliders Photo:

A paraglider in the colors of Macedonia kicked off Monday’s protest organized by the civic initiative for united Macedonia in Skopje.  Many people took to the streets of the capital, protesting as they say against the plans for the destruction of the unitary character of Macedonia. Macedonian flags can be seen on the streets between the Government’s building and the Parliament.

Many banners are carried aiming against billionaire George Soros and the network of his organizations. On the banners, protesters depict Soros as a red-eyed demon, whereby the words “Stop devouring Macedonia” have been written by some of the citizens.

In addition, protesters ask EU’s Commissioner Johannes Hahn to keep his hands off Macedonia.


People rallying cheer Macedonia, and sing patriotic songs. Downtown Skopje is packed. The same atmosphere can also been seen in other cities across Macedonia which are also packed with citizens.

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