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President Ivanov's Interview with Austrian Daily Wiener Zeitung

April 15, 2017, Saturday // 15:52 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 398

Formation of a government without given mandate is legally unfounded.

Nikola Gruevski: Single Spark Could Ignite Entire Balkans

April 9, 2017, Sunday // 14:59 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 769

Nikola Gruevski, the president of VMRO-DPMNE, gave an interview for the Serbian newspaper Blic.

Vera Kalin: I Dream to Live from Writing Stories

March 25, 2017, Saturday // 15:45 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 152

Vera Kalin (Verce Karafilovska) from Skopje has 23 years and a graduate economist who is now studying literature and tells life stories which she transforms into a book.

Ivanka Dodovska: Edi Rama is Told what to Say

March 11, 2017, Saturday // 10:40 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 1111

The intention with the platform is extremely bad and Edi Rama has someone on the phone that dictates him what to say.

FM Poposki: Political Crisis Has no Influence on Macedonia's Economic Priorities

March 6, 2017, Monday // 21:22 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 157

The political crisis has no influence on Macedonia's economic priorities, which are long­-standing, stable ones, Vice-­Premier and Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki says in an interview with Serbian magazine 'Srpska Ekonomija', MIA writes.

Bogdan Ilievski from Joint Macedonia Association: We Won't Back down, Rallies Will Continue

March 2, 2017, Thursday // 10:18 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 622

Macedonia means so much to us and we simply have to be here in these times when the country needs us.

US Congressman Franks Slams Baily: Still No Explanation on Funding Soros NGOs

February 19, 2017, Sunday // 14:33 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 660

The challenge that we’ve seen is some questionable funding that the US mission has made to organization associated to George Soros, which are really the antithesis to many of the things that America believes, said US Congressman and Arizona Republican Tre

Congressman Smith: US Embassy Supported Organizations that Took Sides in Macedonia's Election

February 4, 2017, Saturday // 16:24 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 495

The whistleblower from Macedonia has provided us with disturbing information that the US Embassy in Skopje had been supporting far-left web sites and NGOs that had taken sides in the election.

Tanja Kocovska, Actress: I Agree with Chaplin, Day without Laughter Is Day Wasted

January 29, 2017, Sunday // 17:00 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 158

An actress which every theater ensemble in the world would ask for.

Zlatko Perinski: We Want Boris Trajkovski to Become Most Sophisticated Sports Hall in Region

January 27, 2017, Friday // 16:45 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 179

Last year, 2016, was considered one of the most successful for Sports Center Boris Trajkovski, where Zlatko Perinski has been head for two-and-a-half years.

Aleksandar Panov, Mayor of Kavadarci: 2016 Was a Successful Year, Development to Continue

January 17, 2017, Tuesday // 16:14 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 155

In 2009, Aleksandar Panov as a candidate of the coalition "For Better Macedonia" led by VMRO-DPMNE,  was elected mayor by a majority of citizens in the first round of the local elections.

Nikola Poposki for La Verita: Soros Must Stop Destabilizing Macedonia

January 15, 2017, Sunday // 14:25 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 594

Firm position that Macedonia wants to become member of EU and NATO, as well as critique against George Soros, for whom he says he is granting millions to the NGOs that lead hidden politics for the left-oriented parties, stated Minister of Foreign Affairs

Biljana Peeva-Gjuric: Business Sector Requires Subsidies for Modernization and Innovation

January 11, 2017, Wednesday // 11:10 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 88

Political crisis will have an impact this year, but this period should be quickly surpassed in order to realize the estimates for growth, Biljana Peeva-Gjuric, head of the Directorate of associations by professions in the Chamber of Commerce says.

Gruevski for "Republika": VMRO-DPMNE Will Outlive Soros and His External and Internal Servants

January 6, 2017, Friday // 16:22 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 2584

In the fourth part of the interview of VMRO-DPMNE’s leader Nikola Gruevski for “Republika”, he talks about how much information Soros has about the work and the activities of Macedonia’s Special Prosecution.

Gruevski for Republika: Macedonia's Unitarity Cannot Hurt Anyone

January 5, 2017, Thursday // 14:45 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 418

In the third part of the interview for Republika, VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski speaks of the bilingualism, cantonization and changes to the Constitution, following the election, and why are there differences in regard to patriotism, as well as the ma