Unions Strongly Oppose Idea of Business Nominated Deputy Prime Minister

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Thirteen unions said they strongly oppose the proposal that the next Government should have a Deputy Prime Minister nominated by the chambers of commerce who would look after the interests of the business community.

Zaev Expects Government to Be Formed Early Next Week

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SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said that he expects to propose a Government by the end of this week, and to have the Parliament vote on it early next week.

Sotir Kostov: SPO Sides with Zaev

May 24, 2017, Wednesday // 19:34 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 115

Special Public Prosecutor's Office did not justify the purpose for which it was established and I wonder how can they now require an extension of the mandate.

DUI Leader: Declaration of Albanian Parties Will Not be Fully Included in New Government Programme

May 24, 2017, Wednesday // 18:03 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 306

Declaration of the Albanian parties in Macedonia will not be fully included in the government program, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti said.

Russian President: Political Situation in Macedonia to Develop in Accordance with Constitution

May 24, 2017, Wednesday // 16:04 in Politics » Diplomacy | Views: 194

We are monitoring everything that happens in your country with particular attention.

Parliament Speaker Xhaferi Meets UNDP Representative to Macedonia Winton

May 23, 2017, Tuesday // 22:16 in Politics » Diplomacy | Views: 92

Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi held talks Tuesday with UNDP Resident Representative to Macedonia Louise Winton, who expressed belief that the highest legislative body would restore its role as a center of political developments in the country.

Suspended Sentences for Nine Participants in Parliament Protest

May 23, 2017, Tuesday // 13:55 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 136

The Primary Court in Skopje gave suspended sentences to nine of the protesters charged with taking part in the incident in the Macedonian Parliament on April 27th.

President Ivanov Travels to Moscow

May 23, 2017, Tuesday // 11:20 in Politics » Diplomacy | Views: 131

­ Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov left for a two day visit to the Russian Federation, where he will meet with President Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill.

Debate on Macedonia's Euro­-Atlantic Integration

May 23, 2017, Tuesday // 08:13 in Politics » Diplomacy | Views: 182

A debate on what happens next with regard to the Euro-­Atlantic process for Macedonia will be organized by the Young European Federalists of Macedonia and the social­-democratic Friedrich Ebert foundation in the Youth Cultural Center on Tuesday.

Gruevski says SPO aims to ruin VMRO-­DPMNE for SDSM's benefit

May 22, 2017, Monday // 19:57 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 172

Cases opened by the Special Public Prosecutor's Office (SPO) are based on falsehoods and manipulations, intended for political persecution of VMRO-DPMNE leadership and diverting the attention of citizens from the political developments in the country, par

SDSM Leader Says Government May be Formed Monday or Tuesday

May 22, 2017, Monday // 19:34 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 175

Talks over the composition of the new government's cabinet are expected to start either Monday or Tuesday, SDSM leader Zoran Zaev told reporters on Monday.

Supreme Court Postpones Hearing on whether Wiretapped Conversations are Admissible in Court

May 22, 2017, Monday // 16:34 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 91

The Supreme Court justices postponed their decision on the issue whether unlawfully wiretapped phone conversations can be used as evidence before the courts.

Zijadin Sela Holds Press Conference after Being Beaten in Parliament

May 22, 2017, Monday // 16:03 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 151

Zijadin Sela, the leader of the Movement for Reforms - DPA and "Alliance for Albanians" in his first public appearance said that he does not stand behind the guaranties of SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, submitted on behalf of the new parliamentary majority in di

SPO Opens Three New Cases, Demands that its Mandate is Extended

May 22, 2017, Monday // 15:04 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 136

The Special Public Prosecutor's Office held a press conference on Monday during which it asked the Parliament and the political parties to extend the mandate in which the SPO can file new charges.

Resistance Against Turkish EU Membership Highest in Germany

May 22, 2017, Monday // 12:30 in Politics | Views: 96

Opposition to Turkey joining the European Union is high across Europe but especially in Germany, according to a survey published in the newspaper Bild on Friday.