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Vera Kalin: I Dream to Live from Writing Stories

March 25, 2017, Saturday // 15:45 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 97

Vera Kalin (Verce Karafilovska) from Skopje has 23 years and a graduate economist who is now studying literature and tells life stories which she transforms into a book.

The Senate, Soros and Snowball

March 23, 2017, Thursday // 12:05 in Independent Insider » Expert Voices | Views: 1279

Macedonia’s patriots continue their nightly marches across the entire Republic, singing, dancing, and all in good spirits because they are “happy warriors” fighting for the unitary character and sovereignty of Macedonia.

Risto Nikovski: Macedonia's Crisis Solution Lies in Fresh Election

March 23, 2017, Thursday // 11:47 in Independent Insider » Expert Voices | Views: 237

The political crisis in Macedonia will continue and all politicians must ask themselves what kind of responsibility they are holding.

Daylight Saving Time Begins this Weekend

March 22, 2017, Wednesday // 18:42 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 46

­ Daylight saving time began early on Sunday when the clock moved one hour forward, i.

Manevski: USAID - First Donаtor of Soros in Macedonia

March 21, 2017, Tuesday // 15:50 in Independent Insider » Features | Views: 650

Soros' Open Society Foundation acts as a non-governmental government in Macedonia, and the largest donations it receives are from USAID, former minister Mihajlo Manevski writes, in a column published in Dnevnik daily.

Jason Miko: Of Patriots, Revolutionaries, and Rouges

March 16, 2017, Thursday // 12:19 in Independent Insider » Expert Voices | Views: 684

Let’s assume, for a moment, that Ali Ahmeti is right – that life on earth is only about ethnic Albanians. What, specifically, in the Tirana Platform addresses the issues of job creation for Macedonia’s Albanians? “Nothing,” is the answer

Wes Martin: Riding Against The Wind

March 15, 2017, Wednesday // 11:25 in Independent Insider » Expert Voices | Views: 277

As Macedonia resolves its recent elections and current political situation, it is clear Macedonians do not want any foreign interference or international propaganda to decide what’s in the best interest of their country.

Ancient Jewelry on Sale in Archaeological Museum

in Independent Insider » Destinations | Views: 429

Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, tiaras, fibulas, buttons. Macedonian women wore as much jewelry in the past as they do now.

Ivana, Jovan, Angela: Three Little Children Live without Power, Water

March 13, 2017, Monday // 11:45 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 478

Neither can the place where they eat and sleep be called a house, nor can the thing three little children from Gradiste suffer be called a life.

Tomas Petran: We Have Modern System of Studying at Ohrid Film Academy

March 12, 2017, Sunday // 14:24 in Independent Insider » Expert Voices | Views: 173

Documentary filmmaker and professor, Tomas Petran, teaching at FAMU in Prague, and a professor at the Ohrid Film Academy (FIOFA) as well, says that a bit of a different kind of educational access is applied here.

Ivanka Dodovska: Edi Rama is Told what to Say

March 11, 2017, Saturday // 10:40 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 1024

The intention with the platform is extremely bad and Edi Rama has someone on the phone that dictates him what to say.

New Professional Soldiers Sworn in

March 9, 2017, Thursday // 15:14 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 103

Ninety new professional soldiers were sworn in "Ilinden" barracks in Skopje on Thursday.

Unemployment Rate in Q4 of 2016 at 23.1 Percent

March 9, 2017, Thursday // 13:37 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 84

The unemployment rate in Q4 of 2016 amounted to 23.1 percent, which is a 0.3­ percent drop compared to the previous quarter, the State Statistical Office said on Thursday.

Macedonia: Three Dozen Migrants Still Residing in Gevgelija Transit Center

March 9, 2017, Thursday // 11:32 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 147

Only 36 migrants currently remain in the Vinojug temporary transit center in Gevgelija that was opened at the height of the 2015-2016 crisis.

Jason Miko: A Deal with the Devil, Revisited

March 9, 2017, Thursday // 11:19 in Independent Insider » Expert Voices | Views: 1517

I know that the anger and ire these days, among most Macedonians, is directed to Zoran Zaev. But, in light of Nagy’s quote, above, it’s worth going back in time, to 2001