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US Congressman Franks Slams Baily: Still No Explanation on Funding Soros NGOs

February 19, 2017, Sunday // 14:33 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 499

The challenge that we’ve seen is some questionable funding that the US mission has made to organization associated to George Soros, which are really the antithesis to many of the things that America believes, said US Congressman and Arizona Republican Tre

Greek Farmers Partially Lift Blockade of Gevgelija Border Crossing

February 17, 2017, Friday // 10:50 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 111

Greek farmers have partially opened the Gevgelija border crossing, which they kept closed for all vehicles for 18 days.

Greek Farmers Continue Their Blockade of Main Road Link with Macedonia

February 16, 2017, Thursday // 10:15 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 231

Greek farmers continue their blockade of the Gevgelija border crossing ­ the main road link between Macedonia and Greece.

Bulgaria to Boost Surveillance to Prevent Migrants Crossing Turkish Border

February 15, 2017, Wednesday // 19:28 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 118

Bulgaria's interim government said on Wednesday it would step up surveillance at the border with Turkey to prevent an increase in the number of migrants crossing.

Army and Interior Ministry Special Forces Perform Joint Exercise

February 13, 2017, Monday // 17:30 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 72

Macedonian Army and police special units will have a final joint exercise on Monday, performed in cooperation with United States special forces instructors.

U.S. Special Forces Train MOI, ARM Units

February 13, 2017, Monday // 14:13 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 83

The final exercise of the training for the Macedonian police and army special operations units, conducted by instructors from the United States special forces, was held on Monday.

Gevgelija Border Crossing with Greece Remains Closed for All Vehicles

February 13, 2017, Monday // 09:54 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 157

The Gevgelija border crossing with Greece (Bogorodica - Evzoni) remains closed for all vehicles, due to a strike by Greek farmers.

Only Walls Remain – Mountain Lodge “Breza”, near Veles, Robbed and Covered with Snow

in Independent Insider » Destinations | Views: 260

Only walls remain from the once Veles mountain lodge “Breza”.

Evzoni Border Crossing still Closed

February 10, 2017, Friday // 13:20 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 142

­ The Evzoni border crossing is still closed due to a strike of Greek farmers, whereas border crossing Dojrani will be closed between 12­:00-2:00 pm, said the Auto­Moto Association of Macedonia (AMSM) on Friday.

Macedonian Trade Unions Seek Engagement from Greece over Border Blockade

February 8, 2017, Wednesday // 16:37 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 127

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia has sent a letter to the Greek Ambassador to Macedonia, Dimitrios Yannakakis, and the heads of the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) and the Civil Servants' Confederation (ADEDY) calling on their eng

Skopje Authorities Cancel Free Public Transport as of Thursday

February 8, 2017, Wednesday // 14:16 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 124

Fare­-free public transport in buses of the Skopje Public Transport Enterprise and private transporters is being cancelled as of Thursday.

Where Have Macedonians in Bulgaria Vanished: 187,000 in 1953, Only 1,000 Today

February 8, 2017, Wednesday // 10:47 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 526

CIA has recently published documents on the ethnic groups in Bulgaria showing the government's approach towards minorities.

Telegraf in Sevnica: EUR 30 to Experience Birthplace of Melania Trump

February 7, 2017, Tuesday // 14:10 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 166

The small town Sevnica, located on the left side of the Sava River in central Slovenia, is where Melania Trump, the wife of the current president of the United States, Donald Trump has spent her childhood.

About 120,000 Tonnes of Cargo Destined for Macedonia Stuck in Thessaloniki Port

February 7, 2017, Tuesday // 13:23 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 116

About 120,000 tonnes of cargo destined for Macedonia is stuck at the Thessaloniki port due to the protests of Greek farmers at the country's highways and border crossings.

Old Habits Die Hard: Half-empty Buses and Full Cars in Skopje

February 7, 2017, Tuesday // 11:13 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 103

The first day of the free public transport did not manage to alter the habits of the people of Skopje.