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Hopeless Migrants Flee Horror in Belgrade and Return South

January 21, 2017, Saturday // 11:54 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 324

Some of the refugees who have spent several months in old, deserted sheds in Belgrade have returned to Macedonia and Greece.

Balkans and Trump: New US President Brings Fresh Uncertainties to Macedonia

January 20, 2017, Friday // 10:23 in Independent Insider » Features | Views: 270

With expectations bigger than ever, the Balkans are expecting the inauguration of US president-elect Donald Trump.

Sotir Kostov: SPO's Drop of Indictment, an Attempt for Clearing Zoran Zaev from Severe Crimes

January 19, 2017, Thursday // 11:40 in Independent Insider » Expert Voices | Views: 139

Dropping the indictment of the case "Coup" is unlawful, and there is no viable legal reason for it.

Central Italy Hit by 3 Quakes

January 18, 2017, Wednesday // 12:40 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 78

Three earthquakes have hit central Italy within the space of an hour. Seismologists say the tremors measure from 5.1 to 5.6 on the Richter scale

Aleksandar Panov, Mayor of Kavadarci: 2016 Was a Successful Year, Development to Continue

January 17, 2017, Tuesday // 16:14 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 95

In 2009, Aleksandar Panov as a candidate of the coalition "For Better Macedonia" led by VMRO-DPMNE,  was elected mayor by a majority of citizens in the first round of the local elections.

Skopje Zoo: Siberian Tigers Rolling in Snow, Other Animals in Warm Dwellings

in Independent Insider » Destinations | Views: 189

If people think there are no conditions in the Skopje Zoo, they should come and see, said employees looking after the animals in the cold winter days.

Nikola Poposki for La Verita: Soros Must Stop Destabilizing Macedonia

January 15, 2017, Sunday // 14:25 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 316

Firm position that Macedonia wants to become member of EU and NATO, as well as critique against George Soros, for whom he says he is granting millions to the NGOs that lead hidden politics for the left-oriented parties, stated Minister of Foreign Affairs

Berat Buzhala: If I Were Ali Ahmeti…

January 14, 2017, Saturday // 12:21 in Independent Insider » Expert Voices | Views: 502

 “Fasten your seatbelts as there is a risk that I shall utter a blasphemy: I would have entered into a coalition with Gruevski."

Kennedy and Hector Guard Popova Sapka: Jovan Bozinovski Gives up City Life to Live in the Mountains

in Independent Insider » Destinations | Views: 166

I have been here for nearly two years, and I go down in Tetovo only when I need something, usually when I have to pay bills or buy something for me, the young boy Jovan Bozinovski or mostly known as Kennedy, who for almost two years is living and working

About 70 Trucks Stuck at Evzoni Border

January 11, 2017, Wednesday // 12:20 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 64

About 70 trucks are stuck at Greece's Evzoni border crossing due to poor weather and roads' condition.

Biljana Peeva-Gjuric: Business Sector Requires Subsidies for Modernization and Innovation

January 11, 2017, Wednesday // 11:10 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 57

Political crisis will have an impact this year, but this period should be quickly surpassed in order to realize the estimates for growth, Biljana Peeva-Gjuric, head of the Directorate of associations by professions in the Chamber of Commerce says.

Snow Blankets Skopje Streets and Sidewalks

January 10, 2017, Tuesday // 12:34 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 115

The larger part of Macedonia is under a snow cover on Tuesday morning.

Senior Russian Diplomat Found Dead in Athens Apartment

January 9, 2017, Monday // 22:08 in Independent Insider » Special Report | Views: 109

A senior Russian diplomat was found dead in his Athens apartment on Monday, a Greek police official said.

Karakamiseva: According to Constitution, there Can only Be One Mandatary

January 9, 2017, Monday // 12:25 in Independent Insider » Expert Voices | Views: 315

Nowhere in the Constitution is stated that the President of the country needs to award the mandate for constituting the government to another prime minister designate if he and the party that won the most votes fails to form the government.

Gruevski for "Republika": VMRO-DPMNE Will Outlive Soros and His External and Internal Servants

January 6, 2017, Friday // 16:22 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 179

In the fourth part of the interview of VMRO-DPMNE’s leader Nikola Gruevski for “Republika”, he talks about how much information Soros has about the work and the activities of Macedonia’s Special Prosecution.