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Dimitris Psaras: Forty Percent of Special Forces in Athens Voted for Golden Dawn

October 3, 2014, Friday // 16:52 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 288

People do not believe in politicians, the media and the democratic state, reads daily Dnevnik.

Nicholas Mickovski: Macedonians and Greeks in Rockdale Have Zero Tolerance Regarding the Issues of the Past

September 5, 2014, Friday // 19:57 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 4763

Nicholas Mickovski, councillor at the City of Rockdale, Syndey, Australia, from the Liberal Party has condemned Labor Councilor Andrew Tsounis' for inciting racial hatred between the Macedonian and Greek communities in Australia

Lustration Commission President Tome Adziev: At Least 400 Informers Waiting to Be Discovered

August 18, 2014, Monday // 23:29 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 240

Confident that he is on the right track despite the continuous public criticism, Tome Adziev has begun the new presidential term in the Lustration Commission a month ago, Dnevnik daily reports.

Kiril Kotevski: The Diaspora Needs to Understand Why It Should Vote and Invest in Macedonia

July 25, 2014, Friday // 14:33 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 904

Kiril Kotevski, representative of "Philip II of Macedonia" organization of the Macedonian diaspora in Denmark, spoke at the Fifth Annual Conference of Emigrant Organization, about the urgent need of engaging the members of the community there into activit

Marta Elefteriyadis: Not More Than 50 or 60 Students Learn Macedonian in Australia

July 24, 2014, Thursday // 16:21 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 1324

The challenge, of bringing back the Macedonian language among the youngest family members of Macedonian immigrants living abroad, was the main concern discussed at the Fifth Annual Conference of Expatriate Organizations taking place in Skopje, July 23-24.

Tasos Tsakiroglou: There Is a Big Gap regarding the Name Issue

June 18, 2014, Wednesday // 15:10 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 345

Tasos Tsakiroglou, editor of the Greek "Newspaper of Journalists", says it is almost impossible to reach a compromise on the name issue while Samaras flirts with the far-right and Macedonia with history, Utrinski Vesnik daily reports.

Joseph Bencze: Enlargement Should Remain Creditable and Appreciated Process

May 30, 2014, Friday // 08:10 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 310

Hungary regards Macedonia as a key partner in the Western Balkans. We are keen on continuing our high-level dialogue; during the past four years, all our highest-level leaders have paid reciprocal visits.

Harald Kotschy: NATO Is not an Advantage for Macedonia

May 22, 2014, Thursday // 14:42 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 683

Harald Kotschy, former Austrian Ambassador to Macedonia, a panelist at the "European Identity and the Future of the Balkans" Conference held Monday in Skopje, spoke about the historic relations between Greece and Macedonia.

Yuri Goncharuk: Small Countries Influence the International Relations

April 3, 2014, Thursday // 16:40 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 447

Ukraine does not support the construction of the South Stream and the reasons are known. The project’s destiny lies in the hands of Russia. Its future is beholden solely to Russia, says the Ukrainian Ambassador to Macedonia, Yuri Goncharuk.

Johanna Safstrom: There Is Huge Potential for Macedonian Designers

March 30, 2014, Sunday // 19:49 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 561

This year, the Skopje Furniture Fair hosts interesting and novel exhibition of Swedish luminaire products.

Andriy Meleshevych: Crimean Crisis Will Not Affect Stability in the Balkans

March 14, 2014, Friday // 08:03 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 510

The South Stream pipeline project means heavier reliance on the Russian gas, says Dr. Andriy Meleshevych, Dean of the School of Law at the National University of Kyiv.

Dzambo Agushev: I Want My Trumpet to Sound Like Cry

March 12, 2014, Wednesday // 16:23 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 1556

Dzambo Agushev, known as Macedonia's Trumpet King, and his orchestra are preparing the second studio album, which he says is traditional, real Roma music, rhythms and grooves, plausible to the young generations.

Fabio Mattioli: Workers Are Left With Very Few Options

March 11, 2014, Tuesday // 16:30 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 745

Fabio Mattioli is an Italian Ph. candidate at the Department of Anthropology at the City University of New York Graduate Center.

Italian Ambassador: There are No Indications for Reintroducing Visas for Macedonia

March 10, 2014, Monday // 08:19 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 593

In my opinion, if Macedonia could find a solution on the name issue, it could easily join the first group of Balkan countries to join the EU, says the Italian Ambassador to Macedonia.

Antoine Hery: Media Should not Be Regulated by Law

March 3, 2014, Monday // 15:55 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 876

The level of freedom of expression is quite high, yet the degree of freedom to information is very limited, says Antoine Hery, Head of the World Press Freedom Index with Reporters Without Borders.