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Dejan Projkovski: Making the Macedonian National Theater the Best in South-eastern Europe Is Our Goal

January 3, 2016, Sunday // 12:26 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 308

Before the very end of the year, The Macedonian National Theater managed in a month's time to stage two spectacles of enormous proportions - Bulgakov's 'The Master and Margarita' directed by Ivan Popovski and the musical 'Chicago'

Alek Nikovski: We Have Included Macedonia in World Companies' Analyses

December 19, 2015, Saturday // 14:00 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 366

Alek Nikovski has spent 20 years working in the banking sector in London, which has enabled him to know well the needs and the demands of the companies, and the possibilities where they could expand their business, reads.

Cvetko Grozdanov: We Have Reduced Real Estate Prices

December 12, 2015, Saturday // 15:32 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 250

Apartments sell for their real price, and their value is not to be expected to drop any time soon, said Cvetko Grozdanov, Head of Public Limited Company for Construction and Ownership of Residential and Business Buildings (ADSDP) said in an interview with

Dragana Kostadinovska: 'The Master and Margarita' Energized the Macedonian National Theater

December 6, 2015, Sunday // 13:33 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 271

After her roles in the plays 'The Life of Monsieur de Moliere', 'Figaro's wedding', 'Shall we go, Signor', and her role in the film 'Balkan is Not Dead', Dragana Kostadinovska faced yet another massive challenge when she was cast to play Margarita.

Laibach: North Korea's Borders Are More Open Than US'

December 5, 2015, Saturday // 18:50 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 369

The most famous and at the same time the most controversial band from the region - Laibach - after almost an eight-year-break from studio albums, has presented their latest rendition, the exceptional 'Spectre'.

Didi Rodan Turns Sand into Emotional Animation

November 9, 2015, Monday // 17:50 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 357

The first and unique artist in Spain whose works are sand animations, who in the frames of the fifth Animax festival has performed the animated movie 'Madre Arena' on Sunday at the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje, is Didi Rodan.

Darijan Pejovski: 'Three Days in September' Is a Movie for Wider Audience

November 8, 2015, Sunday // 11:30 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 335

The first feature movie of Macedonian director Darijan Pejovski, 'Three Days in September' will open the 14th European Film Festival in Skopje dubbed 'Cinedays' on November 12, reads.

Exclusive Interview, Morrissey: There Is No Leader Directed by the People

October 13, 2015, Tuesday // 15:25 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 357

Innovator in indie music, excellent song writer, vocalist, human and animal rights activist, the loudest rebel against all rebels, the proudest among the proud and a realist among depressive people.

Joao Salaviza: Macedonia and Portugal Nurture Identity through Movies

September 21, 2015, Monday // 15:20 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 544

The most awarded young director in the world, Portuguese Joao Salaviza, has been staying in Macedonia for the past ten days, with the aim to promote his latest movie 'Mountain'.

Poet Ghassan Zaqtan Believes West's Mistakes Led to Mass Migration

September 5, 2015, Saturday // 15:30 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 343

Life in exile has made me happy, I've learnt a lot about the others and myself, says Palestinian poet, novelist and editor Ghassan Zaqtan who participated at the Struga Poetry Evenings this year, reads.

One of Most Important Syrian Poets Says Revolutions in Arab World Brought New and Scarier Tyrants

August 28, 2015, Friday // 14:30 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 522

Islam should not be perceived as the evil of the contemporary world, says one of the greatest poets of the Arab world and one of the most significant authors in western European culture - Adonis, reads.

Golden Wreath Laureate Bei Dao Says He Does not Trust the World or History

August 27, 2015, Thursday // 15:45 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 222

Quiet, unobtrusive and honest are the main features of Chinese poet Bei Dao, the winner of this year's Golden Wreath Award presented by the Struga Poetry Evenings festival, Telegraf.

Golden Camera 300 Award Winner Ryszard Lenczewski Says Digital Compositing Cannot Be Allowed to Kill Emotions on Screen

August 26, 2015, Wednesday // 15:33 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 1584

With a work experience on more than 100 movies, many of which awarded, including an Oscar, Polish cinematographer Ryszard Lenczewski, is this year's winner of the Golden Camera 300 award presented by the Manaki Brothers Film Festival.

Petar Naumoski: Macedonia Heading to European Championship without Pressure or Fear

August 19, 2015, Wednesday // 12:56 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 328

We should not surrender before due time nor we should pressure players with unrealistic expectations, says Petar Naumoski, the head of the Macedonian Basketball Federation, in the eve of the European Championship.

Vesela Bogdanovic: A Classroom Should Be like an Open Window

March 16, 2015, Monday // 17:08 in Independent Insider » Interview | Views: 824

The teacher, who turns into a ferry during her classes, and pays attention to the needs of her students, says in an interview for Independent.