Man Charged with Planting Improvised Explosive Device in Parliament

May 26, 2017, Friday // 17:02 in Crime | Views: 85

A criminal charge has been longed against a 41-year old Skopje native, who had planted an improvised explosive device on April 27 as violent events were unfolding in Macedonia's Parliament.

Man Charged with Attacking SDSM Leader in Parliament

May 22, 2017, Monday // 15:34 in Crime | Views: 181

Police have filed criminal charges against a 28­-year old man from Prilep for reportedly committing a crime, i.

Parliament Incident Trial Postponed to May 23

May 18, 2017, Thursday // 13:00 in Crime | Views: 65

The Skopje Basic Court in Skopje has postponed the trial of nine accused of storming the parliament.

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Released Early from Prison

May 17, 2017, Wednesday // 21:23 in Crime | Views: 60

Chelsea Manning, the US army whistleblower imprisoned for her involvement in the US military’s biggest information leak, has been released early from prison.

Supreme Court to Examine Work of Lower Courts

May 16, 2017, Tuesday // 11:40 in Crime | Views: 92

The Supreme Court will hold an extended hearing on Tuesday to examine the work reports of the lower courts.

Macedonia: Ex-minister and Bank CEOs Suspected of Money Laundering

May 15, 2017, Monday // 21:18 in Crime | Views: 263

The Macedonian public prosecutor's office has built a case against a former and a sitting CEO of NLB Tutunska Banka, a former minister, a lawyer, a notary and other individuals, including a Slovenian national, who are suspected of abusing their office and

Doctor Found Dead With Stab Wounds in Her Apartment

May 10, 2017, Wednesday // 10:07 in Crime | Views: 175

A 53 year old female doctor who worked at the Skopje Nephrology Clinic was found dead in her apartment on Tuesday evening, with stab wounds on the body.

Constitutional Court Holds Hearing on Local Elections and Farming Subsidies

May 10, 2017, Wednesday // 08:30 in Crime | Views: 106

The Constitutional Court will hold a hearing on Wednesday to discuss two issues arising from the protracted Government formation process.

Two Years Since Attacks at Diva Naselba

May 9, 2017, Tuesday // 11:06 in Crime | Views: 206

At 4 AM in the morning two years ago on this day, a police action started in Kumanovo`s Diva Naselba, the aim was to disperse a terrorist group hidden in the houses.

Nine Persons Indicted for Parliament Incidents

May 8, 2017, Monday // 14:32 in Crime | Views: 73

The Skopje Public Prosecutor's Office filed Monday indictments against nine individuals who took part in the April 27 Parliament incidents.

Hearing in Bribe Case Postponed Again

May 4, 2017, Thursday // 14:19 in Crime | Views: 152

Thursday’s hearing in the trial against SDSM leader Zoran Zaev in case dubbed "Bribe" has been postponed for June 27.

Three More Detained over Storming of Parliament

May 3, 2017, Wednesday // 16:18 in Crime | Views: 82

Police detained three more persons who were sought over the storming of the Parliament on Thursday, when several members of Parliament were injured, along with nearly a hundred police officers and protesters.

Court Postpones Hearing on 2013 Centar Incident

May 3, 2017, Wednesday // 15:34 in Crime | Views: 114

A court hearing on the 2013 incident at the Centar municipality building was postponed on Wednesday after five of the 14 people being charged did not come.

Firecracker Taped to Gas Canister in Parliament Building

May 3, 2017, Wednesday // 11:34 in Crime | Views: 163

Macedonian police said that a firecracker taped to a gas canister was found in the Macedonian Parliament, which prompted an expert squad reaction to remove it.

Ministry of Interior Affairs: Eight People Detained over Thursday's Unrest in Parliament

April 28, 2017, Friday // 19:02 in Crime | Views: 99

The police detained eight people over Thursday's unrest inside and outside Macedonia's parliament building.