Defected Russian Member of Parliament Shot Dead in Kiev

5 hours ago in Crime | Views: 60

Former Russian member of Parliament Denis Voronenkov was shot dead on Thursday in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

SPO Opens Four New Investigations

6 hours ago in Crime | Views: 104

­ The Special Prosecutor's Office (SPO) has opened four new investigations involving the same number of individuals, referring to abuse of power in public procurement procedures and tax evasion.

Bitola Prosecutors Charge Boys over Attack on Albanian Alphabet Museum

March 21, 2017, Tuesday // 18:26 in Crime | Views: 79

Bitola Public Prosecutors filed charges against four boys aged 16 and 17, in regard with an attack on the Museum of the Albanian Alphabet on March 7.

Eight Men Charged with Drug Trafficking

March 19, 2017, Sunday // 17:52 in Crime | Views: 135

A public prosecutor has ordered detention for five people and home detention for one man after a police operation held yesterday to bust a drug ring.

French Official Confirms Orly Attack Suspect's Name

March 18, 2017, Saturday // 19:00 in Crime | Views: 65

A French official connected to the investigation confirms media reports identifying the Orly Airport attacker as Ziyed Ben Belgacem, a 39-year-old born in France.

Aracinovo Drug Bust: Police Detain Dealers close to SDSM

March 18, 2017, Saturday // 14:51 in Crime | Views: 235

A group of drug dealers have been arrested in an Aracinovo drug bust.

Transmet Employees Demand Justice for Owner Kocan

March 16, 2017, Thursday // 16:18 in Crime | Views: 80

Employees of "Transmet" company parked trucks and mechanization on the "Krste Petkov-Misirkov" Boulevard, protesting for the decision for custody of the owner of their company, Sead Kocan.

Special Prosecutor Janeva to Present Third Report

March 15, 2017, Wednesday // 10:10 in Crime | Views: 99

On Wednesday, the Special Public Prosecutor's Office is supposed to present the third six-month report on the work done between 15 September 2016, and 15 March 2017.

Customs Officials Seize 27,700 Worth of Fake Euros at Tabanovce Border

March 14, 2017, Tuesday // 15:34 in Crime | Views: 93

Macedonian customs officials seized early Monday smuggling of counterfeit currency valued at 27,700 euros at Tabanovce border crossing.

Trial for UBK Postponed, SPO Received Permission for Declassification on Some of the Evidence

March 13, 2017, Monday // 12:01 in Crime | Views: 123

The trial for destroying documents in the UBK was postponed because the judge was on sick leave.

New Hearing for Destruction of Official Documentation in UBK

March 13, 2017, Monday // 11:29 in Crime | Views: 81

The Criminal Court on Monday at 10 am scheduled a hearing against seven staff members in the Security and Counterintelligence Administration (UBK) suspected of destroying documents on the operation of the monitoring of communications.

Round Table on Handling of Evidence in Criminal Procedures

March 10, 2017, Friday // 15:29 in Crime | Views: 47

A scientific round table on handling evidence in criminal procedures will be organized in Skopje on Friday by the Criminal Law Association, the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts and the United States Embassy.

Kocan's Lawyer: Sead Kocan is Free Citizen

March 10, 2017, Friday // 11:57 in Crime | Views: 199

The lawyer of the businessman Sead Kocan, Nikola Dodovski, said that they had not received any court notification for the detention of his client.

Council of Public Prosecutors Asked Janeva and Fetai to Appoint New Prosecutors

March 10, 2017, Friday // 10:40 in Crime | Views: 95

On Friday the Criminal Court scheduled new, third hearing for 'Violence in Center' case, in which the suspect is former Prime Minister and VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski.

Five Dead in a Week as Stockholm Gang Wars Escalate

March 9, 2017, Thursday // 21:24 in Crime | Views: 116

Two men in their twenties have been shot dead in Stockholm in an apparent gangland killing.