Roman Polanski Picked for French Film Panel, Sparking Outrage

January 21, 2017, Saturday // 19:15 in Society » Culture | Views: 30

France's minister for women's rights said it was a "shocking" decision to appoint filmmaker Roman Polanski as head of the jury for the country's equivalent of the Oscars, the BBC informed.

Traffic Continues under Winter Conditions

January 21, 2017, Saturday // 13:58 in Society » Environment | Views: 50

Traffic on roads across the country continues in winter conditions, on mainly wet roads, often with remains of snow or ice.

Temperatures Expected to Decline over Weekend

January 21, 2017, Saturday // 13:51 in Society » Environment | Views: 53

Macedonia is expected to see largely clear and cold weather on Saturday.

French Institute Presents its Three-month Program

January 21, 2017, Saturday // 12:54 in Society | Views: 63

The French Institute in Skopje presented its three-month program which will focus on movies, books, exhibitions and French food, but also on promoting youth development programs.

Larsen Ice Crack Continues to Open up

January 20, 2017, Friday // 22:15 in Society » Environment | Views: 65

The crack that looks set to spawn a giant iceberg in the Antarctic has continued to spread, the BBC reports.

Premiere of "Frankenstein #Alchemy of Life" at Skopje "Dramski Theater"

January 20, 2017, Friday // 18:58 in Society » Culture | Views: 48

"Frankenstein #Alchemy of Life", based on the novel "Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus" by English author Mary Shelley, will have its premiere on Saturday, at the Skopje­-based "Dramski Theater".

Monet, Renoir and a GBP 44.2m Munch - Billionaire Opens Potsdam Art Gallery

January 20, 2017, Friday // 18:15 in Society » Culture | Views: 57

A German software billionaire is opening a new art museum in the former imperial city of Potsdam on Friday, having reconstructed an 18th-century palace, destroyed in the second world war, to house the works.

Macedonia Presented at London Adventure Travel Conference

January 20, 2017, Friday // 14:55 in Society » Environment | Views: 79

Macedonia's tourism offers have been presented at the Adventure Travel Conference in London, which brought together about 200 participants, among which exhibitors, tour operators and media representatives, the Agency for Promotion and Support of Tourism s

Hospitals still Full, despite Influenza Intensity Decrease

January 20, 2017, Friday // 13:34 in Society » Health | Views: 75

The number of people affected by influenza is still very high, compared to previous seasons, but its intensity decreases.

Youth Cultural Center to Open APoTEKA Music Store

January 20, 2017, Friday // 12:11 in Society » Culture | Views: 73

The Youth Cultural Center (MKC) will open a store for books, handcrafts and music discs, etc.

Delays on Deve Bair Crossing, Air Traffic Continues on Schedule

January 20, 2017, Friday // 10:45 in Society » Environment | Views: 91

The cold winter temperatures and the heavy snow that fell in the past few days continue to make road traffic difficult across Macedonia.

Ohrid Resident Boban Pavlovski Retrieves Holy Cross in Vardar River in Skopje

January 19, 2017, Thursday // 13:45 in Society | Views: 138

Boban Pavlovski from Ohrid caught the Holy Cross in the river Vardar that on Thursday at noon was laid from the bridge at "Holiday Inn" by the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia H.

Orthodox Christians Celebrate Epiphany in Macedonia

January 19, 2017, Thursday // 10:45 in Society | Views: 237

Orthodox believers on Thursday celebrate the holiday Epiphany which is celebrated since the second century.

Data Shows 2016 Likely to Be Warmest Year Yet

January 18, 2017, Wednesday // 20:54 in Society » Environment | Views: 52

Temperature data for 2016 shows it is likely to have edged ahead of 2015 as the world's warmest year.

Around 35 Percent of Diseases Caused by Air Pollution in Macedonia

January 18, 2017, Wednesday // 19:25 in Society » Environment | Views: 77

As high as 30%-35% of diseases in Macedonia are caused by air pollution.