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Eight out of 14 Left the Clinic of Toxicology in a Stable Condition

February 15, 2014, Saturday // 10:20 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 237

Students and teachers from the economic high school in Gostivar, hospitalized yesterday with symptoms of severe poisoning at the Clinic of Toxicology in Skopje, are in a stable health condition; 8 out of the 14 admitted left the hospital over the night, r

SDSM Unanimously Endorses Zoran Zaev as Mandatary

February 25, 2017, Saturday // 17:40 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 141

Central Board of SDSM, at Saturday's meeting unanimously endorsed the president of SDSM as a mandatary for forming the new government of the Republic of Macedonia.

President Ivanov Attends Memorial Service for Soldiers and Police Officers Killed in 2001 Conflict

February 25, 2017, Saturday // 13:58 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 60

Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov will attend a memorial service held by Bishop Josif in the St. Joakim of Osogovo monastery in Kriva Palanka, held for the Macedonian army and police service members who were killed or wounded in the 2001 conflict.

Despite Signatures, President Gjorge Ivanov to Seek Guarantee for Protection of Country's Unity

February 25, 2017, Saturday // 12:40 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 215

After DUI’s announcement on Friday, that it would give the signatures of SDSM to obtain a mandate in the coming days all eyes will be pointed to the President Gjorge Ivanov, who according to the constitution should give the mandate.

VMRO-DPMNE: Implementation of Tirana's Platform Means Redefinition of Macedonia

February 25, 2017, Saturday // 11:40 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 303

"VMRO-DPMNE completely opposes attempts to ignore and play the will of majority of Macedonians and willingness of members of other ethnic communities that cast their votes for the coalition "For Better Macedonia".

DUI Agrees to Give Signatures for Mandate to SDSM, but Still Not Decided for Coalition

February 25, 2017, Saturday // 10:40 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 294

In order to unblock the process for a normal work of the assembly, and aimed at calling the next local elections, DUI decided to give the signatures to SDSM for getting the mandate to form a government.

The Unyielding Association Asks Parties not to Fall Victim to Blackmail on Government Forming

February 24, 2017, Friday // 20:13 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 240

Around 1,000 people joined a peaceful gathering “The March for Macedonia” on Friday.

Besa Says Macedonian Orthodox Church Statement Shows Disrespect for Secular Macedonia

February 24, 2017, Friday // 19:15 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 200

Thursday's statement of the Macedonian Orthodox Church Ohrid Archbishopric (MOC-OA) on the current political situation in Macedonia fuels tensions and elevates the citizens' distrust in the state

SDSM and DUI Agree for Bilingual Denar Banknotes and Coins

February 24, 2017, Friday // 12:10 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 944

DUI spokesman Bujar Osmani, confirmed on Thursday that the writings of Telegraf.

Macedonian Orthodox Church Calls for Preservation of Language

February 23, 2017, Thursday // 19:43 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 230

The Holy Synod of Hierarchs of the Macedonian Orthodox Church -­ Ohrid Archbishopric (MOC­-OA) voices grave concern over current developments affecting the Macedonian society and calls for respect, forgiveness, reconciliation and accountability to be nour

Zoran Zaev: Signatures for Government Mandate Secured

February 23, 2017, Thursday // 15:02 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 263

SDSM leader Zoran Zaev said Thursday the signatures from a majority of MPs for the government mandate have been secured.

Zaev Expected in Court over Strumica Corruption Charges

February 23, 2017, Thursday // 11:40 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 76

SDSM leader Zoran Zaev is scheduled to appear on Thursday at a court hearing over a corruption case in which he is accused of asking a businessman from the city of Strumica, where he is Mayor, for 160.

What Has Zaev Promised: DUI to Adopt Final Decision for Coalition with SDSM

February 23, 2017, Thursday // 11:10 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 316

Presidency of the Democratic Union for Integration at Wednesday's session accepted the version for the use of the Albanian language and is nearing agreement on a coalition with SDSM.

Regularly Scheduled Macedonia - NATO Consultations in Skopje

February 23, 2017, Thursday // 10:01 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 127

NATO and Macedonian representatives are scheduled to hold their regular consultations on Thursday.

Nikola Gruevski: SDSM and DUI Want to De-factorize Macedonian People

February 22, 2017, Wednesday // 18:56 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 305

What we can see is an attempt of SDSM and DUI to de-factorize Macedonians i.e. the Macedonian people, as well as the other ethnic groups in the country

Bilingual Banknotes, ARM Emblems: DUI Increases Requirements

February 22, 2017, Wednesday // 12:40 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 287

In the negotiations for providing the signatures for forming a new government, the Albanian party DUI is constantly increasing its demands.