Science and Technology

Ohrid Hosts Scientific Conference on Security

June 4, 2017, Sunday // 18:55 in Science and Technology | Views: 112

The last terrorists attacks in Britain are serious threats to the security in Europe.

Ohrid Hosts Third SEEDIG Annual Meeting

May 25, 2017, Thursday // 10:42 in Science and Technology | Views: 70

The third annual meeting of the South Eastern European Dialogue on Internet Governance (SEEDIG) takes place Thursday in Ohrid.

Scientists Scramble to Observe Mysterious Tabby’s Star

May 23, 2017, Tuesday // 13:26 in Science and Technology | Views: 68

The possible existence of an alien megastructure orbiting a mysterious star in the Milky Way is one of the more far fetched theories banded about by imaginative stargazers — but it’s not going away.

Ransomware Infections Reported Worldwide

May 12, 2017, Friday // 21:31 in Science and Technology | Views: 80

A massive ransomware campaign appears to have infected a number of organisations around the world, BBC reported.

CareerLaunch Start-­up Fair Opens in Skopje

May 5, 2017, Friday // 14:00 in Science and Technology | Views: 66

CareerLaunch information technology employment fair opens on Friday at the St.

Macedonia: Hristijan Gjoreski Awarded Best Young Scientist for 2016

May 3, 2017, Wednesday // 20:14 in Science and Technology | Views: 171

On Wednesday President Gjorge Ivanov presented the award 2016 Best Young Scientist to Hristijan Gjoreski for his achievements in the field of artificial intelligence.

NASA Space Apps Challenge Skopje 2017

April 28, 2017, Friday // 12:02 in Science and Technology | Views: 84

­ The fifth edition of global NASA Space Apps Challenge will be held April 29 and 30 in Skopje in organisation of the New Man’s Business Accelerator under the auspices of President Gjorge Ivanov.

Google Search Changes Tackle Fake News and Hate Speech

April 25, 2017, Tuesday // 22:43 in Science and Technology | Views: 78

Google is changing the way its core search engine works to help stop the spread of fake news and hate speech, the BBC reported.

Astronaut Peggy Whitson Breaks New Space Record

April 24, 2017, Monday // 11:57 in Science and Technology | Views: 60

Peggy Whitson has broken the record for most days in space by a US astronaut, the BBC reported.

March for Science Events Takes Place around Globe

April 22, 2017, Saturday // 22:39 in Science and Technology | Views: 50

Thousands of people are expected to attend March for Science events around the world to promote the understanding of science and defend it from various attacks, including US government budget cuts, ABC News reported.

Scientists Attach Cameras to Antarctica Whales

April 21, 2017, Friday // 15:02 in Science and Technology | Views: 46

Scientists have come up with a novel idea to unlock the mysteries of the life of whales in Antarctica.

'Gibraltar-sized' Asteroid Passes Earth

April 19, 2017, Wednesday // 21:32 in Science and Technology | Views: 73

A large asteroid the size of the Rock of Gibraltar has passed safely by Earth, the BBC reported.

Information Technology Job Fair Contact 2017 Opens in Skopje

April 19, 2017, Wednesday // 11:00 in Science and Technology | Views: 83

­ Information technology students can attend the Contact 2017 job and internship fair that opens on Wednesday at the FINKI FEIT information technology faculties.

Internet Pioneer Robert Taylor Dies

April 17, 2017, Monday // 22:20 in Science and Technology | Views: 97

One of the founding fathers of the internet, Robert Taylor, has died, the BBC reported.

Glowing Bacteria Offer Hope for Safe Detection of 100m Landmines

April 13, 2017, Thursday // 20:15 in Science and Technology | Views: 89

A team of researchers at an Israeli university has successfully tested a technology using fluorescent bacteria and lasers that could become a safer system for detecting buried landmines.