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Belarus Protesters Defy Ban to Protest against Parasite Tax

8 hours ago in World » Europe | Views: 52

Thousands of people have defied a ban to protest in Belarus against a so-called "social parasites" tax on the under-employed, the BBC reported.

United Kingdom: Two Remain in Custody over Attack in Westminster

March 25, 2017, Saturday // 12:45 in World » Europe | Views: 64

Two people remain in custody in the United Kingdom after a series of raids related to Wednesday’s deadly attack in London, Euronews reported.

Human Rights Commissioner: European Refugee System is Unjust

March 24, 2017, Friday // 18:13 in World » Europe | Views: 87

The Council of Europe's human rights commissioner said Thursday that Europe does not have a sustainable refugee policy and that the European Union should move quickly to change it, Daily Sabah reported.

Jean-Claude Juncker: Warns Trump that anti-EU Stance Risks Triggering Balkan War

March 24, 2017, Friday // 17:49 in World » Europe | Views: 128

Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, has delivered a blunt warning to Donald Trump against encouraging countries to copy Brexit, arguing that a break-up of the EU could trigger war in the western Balkans.

France's Le Pen Urges Lifting of EU Sanctions on Russia

March 24, 2017, Friday // 13:51 in World » Europe | Views: 116

France's far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has called for the lifting of EU sanctions on Russia, during a visit to Moscow, the BBC reported.

London: Two People Killed near Westminster

March 24, 2017, Friday // 10:43 in World » Europe | Views: 92

Two more people have been arrested, two days after a British man went on a rampage outside parliament, killing five people including the assailant, Channel News Asia reported.

London Attacker Identified as Khalid Masood

March 23, 2017, Thursday // 20:40 in World » Europe | Views: 93

British police have identified Khalid Masood as the man behind the London attack, Euronews reported.

The Terror and Torment of Turkey's Jailed Journalists

March 23, 2017, Thursday // 19:52 in World » Europe | Views: 69

Scores of imprisoned Turkish journalists face a Kafkaesque nightmare of legal limbo, farcical charge sheets, maltreatment and even solitary confinement in the country that locks up more reporters than any other in the world.

Islamic State Claims Attack in London

March 23, 2017, Thursday // 16:53 in World » Europe | Views: 132

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Westminster attack that left three victims dead in the heart of London, the Independent reported.

Police Arrest Seven People over London Deadly Terror Attack

March 23, 2017, Thursday // 12:38 in World » Europe | Views: 69

Police have made seven arrests linked to Wednesday’s deadly terror attack in London.

Kotzias: Greece Will Not Take Back Refugees from Northern Europe

March 23, 2017, Thursday // 11:19 in World » Europe | Views: 113

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias said his country does not have the capacity nor the financial means to take back refugees from Germany and other northern European countries.

Polish PM Draws Link between London Attack and EU Migrant Policy

March 23, 2017, Thursday // 10:29 in World » Europe | Views: 81

Poland's prime minister drew a link on Thursday between an attack in London targeting the British parliament and the European Union's migrant policy, saying the assault vindicated Warsaw's refusal to take in refugees.

World Leaders 'Stand' with Britain after London Attack

March 22, 2017, Wednesday // 21:56 in World » Europe | Views: 100

World leaders on Wednesday (Mar 22) unanimously condemned the suspected terrorist attack in the heart of London by an attacker who was shot dead by armed police, with many saying they "stand" with Britain, Channel News Asia reported.

Fury at Eurozone Chief Dijsselbloem's 'Racist' Remarks

March 22, 2017, Wednesday // 20:15 in World » Europe | Views: 99

The head of eurozone finance ministers, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, is facing calls to resign over comments seen as an attack on indebted southern European states, the BBC reported.

UK Parliament Attack: Two People Dead, Several Injured

March 22, 2017, Wednesday // 18:56 in World » Europe | Views: 93

A police officer and a woman have been killed near Parliament in central London in what Scotland Yard are treating as a terrorist incident, the BBC reported.