Zoran Zaev Refuses to Attend Leaders Meeting, Insists Xhaferi was Elected Legitimately

4 hours ago in Business | Views: 105

SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev rejected the call from President Gjorge Ivanov to hold a meeting of all leaders of political parties in Parliament following the violent incident on Thursday.

Macedonian Central Bank Marks 25 Years Since Its Full Independence

April 27, 2017, Thursday // 10:32 in Business » Finance | Views: 84

The Macedonian central bank NBRM marked its 25th anniversary on Wednesday evening.

SSK: Available Funds for Development of Women-led Businesses

April 26, 2017, Wednesday // 15:41 in Business | Views: 57

Women entrepreneurs should use opportunities for increase of productivity, competitiveness and quality of firms through funds from the Increasing Market Employability (IME) program of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

SSK to Present Opportunities for Facilitated Access to Finance for Women Entrepreneurs

April 26, 2017, Wednesday // 09:59 in Business | Views: 98

The Macedonian Chambers of Commerce (SSK) and representatives of the Increasing Market Employability (IME) program will present Wednesday opportunities for facilitated access to finance for companies managed by women.

Promotional Kick-­off Event of “The Single Mother (Self) Employment Program”

April 25, 2017, Tuesday // 16:46 in Business | Views: 60

­ The promotional event for a presentation of the project “The Single Mother (Self) Employment Program" financed by the European Union will be held Tuesday in Skopje.

NBRM Celebrates 25 Years since Its Independence

April 25, 2017, Tuesday // 10:16 in Business » Finance | Views: 88

An exhibition that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the adoption of a law that gave the Macedonian central bank NBRM its official role in independent Macedonia will be opened at the NLB bank art gallery on Tuesday evening.

Agriculture Minister Expects Full Usage of IPARD 2 Funds

April 24, 2017, Monday // 15:51 in Business | Views: 78

The Ministry of Agriculture announced Monday that the first agreements on use of funds from IPARD 2 program worth EUR 10 million will be signed by end of June or start of July this year.

ELEM Prepares to Enter Stage Two of Bogdanci Wind Park Project

April 24, 2017, Monday // 13:56 in Business » Energy | Views: 120

The ELEM publicly managed energy company announced that it is preparing for the second phase of its Bogdanci wind power park

Minoski: Additional EUR 72 mln to Be Provided for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

April 23, 2017, Sunday // 18:00 in Business » Finance | Views: 95

­ Additional EUR 72 million of affordable loans for small and medium-sized enterprises are set to be secured through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), it was announced by Minister of Finance Kiril Minoski, who takes part in the

Government Sets up Commissions to Examine Orchard, Vineyard Frost Damages

April 23, 2017, Sunday // 11:59 in Business | Views: 98

The government of Macedonia held on Saturday night an urgent session in which it was decided commissions to be set up to examine damages caused to orchards and vineyards by low morning temperatures and spring frost.

Macedonia Economy Stable despite Political Crisis: IMF and World Bank Say

April 22, 2017, Saturday // 12:51 in Business » Finance | Views: 192

Macedonia’s economy is stable despite all the challenges of the political crisis, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have said.

US to Honour 'dumb' Australia Migrant Deal

April 22, 2017, Saturday // 09:21 in Business | Views: 56

The United States has confirmed it will be going through with a migrant resettlement plan made with Australia, BBC reported.

Macedonian Stock Exchange Holds Annual Conference in Ohrid

April 21, 2017, Friday // 12:25 in Business | Views: 60

The Macedonian Stock Exchange holds its 18th annual conference Friday in Ohrid, focusing on financial markets, shareholding as a model of company organization and novelties in the sector.

Macedonian - Тurkish Business Forum Takes Place in Skopje

April 20, 2017, Thursday // 16:11 in Business | Views: 157

IT and healthcare companies from the Turkish city of Izmir are interested in investing in Macedonia.

IMF Projects Macedonia's Economy will Grow by 3.2 Percent in 2017

April 19, 2017, Wednesday // 16:05 in Business » Finance | Views: 221

International Monetary Fund estimates that the Macedonian economy will grow by 3.