Monstrum Case: Life Sentence for Defendants, One Person Freed

June 30, 2014, Monday @ 17:03 in Crime | Views: 1018
Monstrum Case: Life Sentence for Defendants, One Person Freed Monstrum court trial Photo: Vlatko Perkovski

Alil Demiri, Agim and Afrim Ismailovic, Fejzi Aziri and Sami Ljuta have been convicted and charged with life sentence over the five-fold murder near the Smilkovci Lake. They will remain in custody until the decision is executed.

All charges against Sejdi Rami have been dropped.

The Criminal Court has reached this decision whereas the judge underscored that he had not been guided by personal beliefs during the process, but evidence and facts for, as he said, the horrifying murder of five people.

In his ten-minute statement, he stressed that the Macedonian public has been petrified by the horror, and that all citizens will remember the event for long, regardless of their personal, religious beliefs or background.

"The inter-ethnic character of the country and the coexistence must not be disturbed by this decision. This is a murder trial, and we, as a Court Council, remain neutral and immune to all events and statements given outside the court building," the Court Council President highlighted.

In his explanation, he also referred to the ways the killing was committed, as well as to the involvement of each one of the defendants.

"The recorded conversations and the locations circled by the defendants before the murders and after, the evidence from their phones and computers show that they were very familiar with the surrounding area of the Smilkovci Lake and used the ring road to escape. The time of the homicide was perfect for committing this type of crime," the Judge further added.

A key date in the investigation was April 26, when Alil Demiri and Afrim Ismailovic attempted and succeeded to escape in Kosovo.

Sejdi Rami has been released from custody and from all charges due to lack of evidence over his involvement in the homicide.

The trial began on December 20, 2012, after months of investigation.

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