Solution to Macedonia and Albania Crises ­Result of Hard Work and Political Will

May 19, 2017, Friday @ 16:30 in Business | Views: 223
Solution to Macedonia and Albania Crises ­Result of Hard Work and Political Will Illustration, Photo: MIA/PrintScreen

Recent settlement of the protracted political stalemates in Macedonia and Albania comes as a result of hard work and political will, an EU spokesperson said Friday in Brussels.

"I wouldn't call it a miracle, I would call it a result of hard work and political will. When we speak about the Western Balkan region, it is a region that has a European perspective, where the EU is heavily engaged. The same goes for FYROM and Albania. We have reacted to the development of events and we will continue to work to support those two countries, but also the whole region," spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic told a press briefing after being asked if the US, instead of the EU, should be given credit for finding a solution to the crises in Macedonia and Albania, respectively, and if there was a 'miraculous' secret to the resolution.

Moreover, as regards the EU's engagement in Western Balkans, Kocijancic mentioned that the High Representative had invited the prime ministers of six Western Balkan countries to an informal dinner on May 24 in Brussels to discuss the situation in the region.

"At this stage, invitations have been sent to PMs and we will be able to confirm their names closer to the date. We ask for patience," she responded when asked if PM-­designate Zoran Zaev or outgoing caretaker premier Emil Dimitriev would be invited to the informal event in Brussels.

Two days ago, President Gjorge Ivanov gave SDSM leader Zoran Zaev a mandate to form a government six months after the December parliamentary elections.

On Thursday, politicians in Albania reached a deal postponing elections in which the opposition would also take part. Negotiations were mediated by US officials.

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