Nijazi Muhamedi: New Government Will Be Non-functional

May 19, 2017, Friday @ 12:30 in Politics » DOMESTIC | Views: 302
Nijazi Muhamedi: New Government Will Be Non-functional Nijazi Muhamedi Photo: Printscreen

The attitude of Albanian parties after Zoran Zaev received the mandate to form a government is a bit strange. We no longer know which party requires what and who gets what, and in whose name the leader of SDSM gave the guarantees, political analyst Nijazi Muhamedi says.

In a conversation with, he stresses that as if party leaders have forgotten the platform and the requirements they had in order to come to power.

"It was neither Tirana platform nor a declaration, but demands of Albanians that are in their programs. I think that DUI had the greatest influence in this, in order to impose itself as the first party of Albanians and to woo voters", Muhamedi said for

According to him, it is strange how they have accepted Zaev to sign guarantees for participation in government on their behalf.

"Therefore, I think that the new government will be non-functional and will not last more than six months", Muhamedi is decisive .

Muhamedi also commented the participation of Albanian parties in the new government, which should be comprised of DUI, "Alliance for Albanians" and perhaps Besa.

"A key party in the new government will be "Alliance for Albanians". Without their three members 49 MPs of SDSM and 10 of DUI will mean nothing", Muhamedi adds.

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