Erdogan Blasts EU for Forcing Turkey to Crawl at Its Gate

May 19, 2017, Friday @ 14:20 in World » EUROPE | Views: 77
Erdogan Blasts EU for Forcing Turkey to Crawl at Its Gate Illustration, Photo: MIA/Print Screen

­ Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blasted the European Union for forcing his country to, as he said, "crawl before the gates of the EU". Erdogan made the statement at a business forum, where he was asked whether Turkey should continue to ask for EU membership.

The President said that the country has been trying to join the EU for 54 years and has in the meantime seen a host of less stable or poorer countries become members. Erdogan added that if European representatives revert to a positive posture toward Turkey, then talks could continue. But if this doesn't happen, Turkey will move forward on its own.

At the 2016 Brussels summit Turkey was promised opening of EU accession talks as well as visa free travel for its citizens in response for stemming the flow of migrants into Europe. Turkey obliged, but the EU promises did not materialize, partly due to the failed military coup that happened shortly after the summit. A number of European countries and leading politicians have in the meantime voiced their opposition to continuing accession talks, blaming Erdogan for authoritarianism.

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