Healing Water in Kratovo Village Ketenovo Helps those with Vision Problems

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Healing Water in Kratovo Village Ketenovo Helps those with Vision Problems Ketenovo Photo: Telegraf.mk

Real miracles happen in the Kratovo village Ketenovo or the healing water "Virgin Mary" that helps those who have vision problems.

Proof of this are the numerous examples told by the inhabitants of this village of Kratovo.

One such example was told to us by one of the oldest residents of this village, who said that it was his daughter who felt the blessing of the water.

"If someone else told me this I might not believed it, but the water helped my daughter Jasminka when she was a child. There was some kind of web on her eyes and because the water is just a few meters from our house, her mother took her to the well to wash her eyes with the water.

After a short time the problem with her eyes was gone, Jasminka no longer had that web on her eyes" the resident of this village of Kratovo said.

This healing water was found by the residents of this village about more than 100 years ago, ie in 1912 and ever since the well was visited by thousands of people.

Besides the spring with healing water, it can be seen many candles, metal coins, and according to the stories of the inhabitants of this village, people from all religions and nationalities come there.

"Most people come in the weekends, maybe thirty people come in a day. But few know that the spring with the healing water should be visited early in the morning and in odd days, ie Monday, Wednesday and Friday", our correspondent says.

Otherwise, just two kilometers from the village Ketenovo are located the famous "stone dolls", a site that is famous for its distinctive appearance.

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