Joint Macedonia Supporters Rally on Thursday Despite Cold Weather

April 20, 2017, Thursday @ 20:19 in Politics » DOMESTIC | Views: 287
Joint Macedonia Supporters Rally on Thursday Despite Cold Weather Photo:

Despite the cold weather, Macedonian citizens took to the streets once again, rallying in front of the Parliament to raise their voice against the Tirana platform.  According to organizers, Thursday’s rally anticipates Friday’s massive protest, when crucial decisions regarding their activities are to be announced.

This has been the 53 day in a row as the supporters of the Civic Initiative for Joint Macedonia have been rallying for protection of the Constitution, and preservation of the integrity and sovereignty of the country.

Thousands of protesters took the usual route from the Government of Macedonia to the Assembly building, protesting for peace and dignity. At the beginning of the protest, the national anthem was performed by opera singer Durlovski who was accompanied by protesters.

“I want to congratulate you on your persistence, enormous energy and perseverance which have yielded results. Today, on April 20, during the third week of the constitutive session, a speaker of Parliament was not elected, who when elected has to denounce the Tirana platform. A small, but significant victory for all of us,” Bogdan Ilievski, one of the organizers of the rallies, told the crowd.

Famous TV host Viktor Petrov-Viksa addressed the crowd on Thursday’s rally as well.

“The political crisis has been started by a single man.  This guy persistently believes that if he demands help from outside, he will live better here, in this country. That does not make any sense whatsoever,” Petrov said in his address.

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