Scandal at Media Print Macedonia: Media Entered and Recorded without Authorization on Premises of Company

April 20, 2017, Thursday @ 18:56 in Independent Insider » SPECIAL REPORT | Views: 260
Scandal at Media Print Macedonia: Media Entered and Recorded without Authorization on Premises of Company Photo:

On Thursday, media teams of “24 Vesti” TV and “TV Nova” internet portal entered and recorded without previous authorization on the premises of Media Print Macedonia (MPM). Personnel from the aforementioned media entered on the premises of the Human Resources Department, and without receiving consent from authorized persons recorded a conversation between employees of MPM, which dealt with internal issues of the company.

The recording was then aired to the public, despite the fact that the MPM management sent a correspondence, pointing out that the recorded material on the premises of the company was done without previous authorization.

“Today’s aggressive entrance by teams of the “24 Vesti” and “TV Nova” media in the official premises of MPM is a dangerous precedent as they recorded material without receiving an official consent from the company. Such abuse of media freedom does not serve the cause, and it furthermore exacerbates media climate which is unfavorable to begin with,” states the correspondence of MPM.

MPM says that they are to seek justice at a court of law if the recordings are aired to the public.

MPM as a media company condemns this scandalous act and considers it an aggressive attack on the integrity of our company. If unauthorized recordings done within the premises of the company are aired to the public, we would be forced to meet our rights and interests at a court of law,” states the correspondence sent to media by MPM.

Media commentators highlight that the act of the aforementioned media is contrary to ethical codes of media reporting, particularly as in this case we are dealing with unauthorized recording on the premises of a private company. Furthermore, some of the personnel of the company has been recorded without their consent.  

The aggressive entrance occurred at the moment when a larger group of employees of MPM entered into the Human Resources Department, asking for an explanation about the future of the company. The employees demanded explanation regarding the ad published at the web site of the Agency for Employment of the Republic of Macedonia, which states that the Media Print Company is to employ journalists, editors, photographers and other personnel in the media field.


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