Kuklici: Curse Turned Wedding Party to Stone

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Kuklici: Curse Turned Wedding Party to Stone Photo: Toshe Ognjanov

No music, no laughter, nor funny jokes. Everything has turned to stone-cold silence in which the “groom” and “bride” stand still in the afternoon sun. Alongside them, the “best man” thinks how much more money to give them, while their family, friends, neighbors curiously “watch” the beautiful bride and her chosen one.

That is the scene made of stone blocks, believed to be a wedding. This is Kuklici (eng.: Dolls), in the region of Kratovo. The place, situated in a peaceful and quiet area, looks like a landscape from out this world.

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The stone statues are in the middle of the hill, and the locals tell the same legend generation after generation. These are the groom and bride, who along with their best man and guests have turned into stone after they were cursed by a girl.

According to the legend, which is more interesting than the natural erosion facts, the man promised his love to a girl who was very beautiful but very poor. On the day of the wedding instead of going to this girl, the groom and his friends went to another side of the village and chose a rich girl to marry, leaving the girl sad and angry. The girl cursed them, and the minute they kissed - turned to stone.

The place is called the Stone Wedding, but is also known as the Cheerful Wedding.

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Another legend says that it is not a wedding party, but rather soldiers that were about to make a mess. The latter is not as interesting as the first story.

Legends aside, according to research, the Kuklici locality is several milennia old. The unusual landscape is a result of volcano erosion of the soil which is no surprise considering the fact that Kuklici and the Kratovo region lie on an inactive volcano. As a result of atmosphere influence the hill has shifted downwards, leaving only the harder stone on top.

Kuklici is one of the most significant attractions in the country, which is some 60km from the capital, near the village Ketenovo.

We advise you to take several hours some day and enjoy this ethereal landscape.

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