Civic Initiative for United Macedonia: Soros Should Keep His Hands off Macedonia, Hahn Should Listen

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Civic Initiative for United Macedonia: Soros Should Keep His Hands off Macedonia, Hahn Should Listen Photo:

Soros - keep your hands off Macedonia was protesters’ message at Monday’s rally organized by the civic initiative for united Macedonia in Skopje. Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets and sent a clear message that they would not allow for the unitary character of the country be destroyed by means of foreign platforms.

The large group of protesters, heading from the Government’s building towards the Parliament, carried flags and shawls in the recognizable Macedonian colors as usual, but also this time protesters were carrying banners with which direct messages were sent to multibillionaire George Soros. The banners demanded that Soros kept his hands off Macedonia and left the country to its own devices so it could pave its own road to the future, and not have its unitary character destroyed by non-domestic platforms.

In addition, clear messages were sent to EU’s Commissioner Johannes Hahn who is to visit the country on Tuesday. The organizers of the protests aired their anger as Hahn did not include their initiative on his agenda and called demonstrators to practice for Tuesday’s rally.


According to the civic initiative for united Macedonia, massive protests are expected on Tuesday that are to show Hahn that Macedonian citizens do not want their country to be led in accordance with the will of foreign centers and powers, whose only aim is to destroy the unity of Macedonia.

The main speaker at the rally was actor Vasil Zafircev who said that the initiative would not allow for someone to toy around with the will of the majority of the Macedonian people.

“If the international community has at least some decent intentions towards this people and this country, the least it could do is to clearly and unequivocally denounce the Albanian platform which could undermine state and national interests,” Zafircev stated.

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He added that the EU’s cosmopolitism is fake.

“Otherwise, the cosmopolitism upon which European democracy is founded would turn out to be fake, as well as the democratic rights and freedoms the EU calls upon, and the civil society concept they claim to represent. Macedonia has met all the conditions for the country to join the EU in a brave, determined, dedicated, diligent and honest manner. The sole reason for our country not to join the EU and NATO is the non-recognition of our name and identity. This is the truth and everyone from the international community knows this,” said ZAfircev.

“The people who took to the streets will not allow for Macedonia’s destiny to be determined stealthily, not even if it is under the flag of the EU. We will not allow for the country to be redefined, and we will not allow for the will of the majority of the Macedonian citizens who live on the territory of Macedonia not to be taken into consideration. Our love towards this country and the fact that we belong to this nation are our strongest weapon,” Zafircev highlighted.

Rallies were held in several cities and towns across Macedonia at which an identical message was sent across - citizens will not leave until their requests are met i.e. until the Albanian platform is not removed from the negotiations’ table.

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