Sistina Polyclinics Opens in Bitola

February 17, 2017, Friday @ 12:51 in Society » HEALTH | Views: 231
Sistina Polyclinics Opens in Bitola Photo:

The "Adzibadem Sistina" clinical hospital invested in the opening of their first polyclinics. The polyclinics is located in the center of Bitola, on a surface of 500 m2, and offers medical services in the field of pediatrics, gynecology and midwifery, internal medicine and cardiology.

The "Adzibadem Sistina" Polyclinics also includes a daycare hospital for adults and a daycare hospital for children.

Patients are to receive check-ups and consultations with the medical team of the Sistina Clinical Hospital.

"The "Sistina" Polyclinics in Bitola will offer check-ups and consultations on a daily basis not only with their own doctors, but also with the medical staff from Skopje. This means that the citizens of Bitola will receive the same professional medical care which has been offered in Skopje for 7 years," Sistina officials inform.

Patients can receive further information regarding the Sistina Polyclinics at the call-center which can be reached by dialing 02/ 3099 500.

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