Nikola Poposki: We Are Macedonians, Neither Something More, Nor Something Less

January 11, 2017, Wednesday @ 17:02 in Politics » DIPLOMACY | Views: 2375
Nikola Poposki: We Are Macedonians, Neither Something More, Nor Something Less NIkola Poposki Photo: Radovan Vujovic

The Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Poposki, issued a statement as a reaction to the statement of the Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dimitri Bushati, in which he commented on the internal situation in Macedonia and called Macedonians Slavo-Macedonians.

"It is not proper for politicians in the region to use such a situation in order to gain something in the upcoming elections. The aim is to leave an impression that they manage every political party from a certain ethnicity in the region. It is understandable that such a thing is done for an internal usage so as to improve their rating at home. However, these practices are out of any normal inter-neighboring cooperation. The best thing anyone can do is look in their own backyard prior to trying to demonstrate global leadership. In such a way, politicians can focus on improving internal weaknesses in their own countries.

The issues with the legal system, the fight against criminal and corruption, the basic human rights and freedoms are among those identified in our neighboring country, among other countries, by the European Commission. Objectively, we all have many internal problems and cannot deal with other people's problems. Certainly, the aforementioned points should be a priority for every politician prior to them getting involved in the interpretation of the Constitution of a neighboring country. I don't think that this is a priority for tax-payers in his country, particularly when there are so many issues which need resolving at home.

The manner in which someone calls someone else is in all probability a matter of respect and personal education. We are Macedonians, neither something more, nor something less. Not a single democrat should have the need to identify in terms of ethnic groups and affiliations, Today, in Europe, we need a vocabulary and culture adequate for 2017, not 1913." states the reaction.  


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