Dojran Lake Freezes, Resembles Siberian Fairytale

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Dojran Lake Freezes, Resembles Siberian Fairytale Dojran Lake Frozen Photo:

Residents of Dojran walk with no fear on the ice after the Dojran lake froze amid several days of polar temperatures that swept across Macedonia. The team of also stepped on the ice and realized that the frozen surface is so thick that walking along it is quite safe, at least as long as the Siberian temperatures last.

However, the residents of Dojran do not believe that the lake is completely frozen. They say that in previous years also occurred the lake to get frozen, but when the amount of water was far less than this now.Сибирски_сцени_во_Дојран__50_.jpg

"We can rarely see something like this. I did not expect the entire lake to freeze. The thickness of the ice is so big that Dojran residents  can freely move along the lake", one of the residents of Dojran who we met at the lake said.

The beaches along the lake look as if they are part of a Siberian fairytale. The reeds in the lake have frozen and have turned into extraordinary creations. The quay and the fountains are covered in ice. Birds can barely find an opening in the ice to drink some water. Locals and curious visitors, amazed by the fairytale frozen scene, take photos along the lake.Сибирски_сцени_во_Дојран__13_.jpg

This rare phenomenon is due to low temperatures in Dojran which saw temperatures as low as -28 degrees Centigrade in the previous few days.

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