Party Combinations for New Government Begin, as VMRO-DPMNE Holds Mandate

January 10, 2017, Tuesday @ 09:15 in Politics | Views: 230
Party Combinations for New Government Begin, as VMRO-DPMNE Holds Mandate Leader's Meeting Photo: Vlatko Perkovski

After on Monday Ivanov handed the mandate for constituting a government to VMRO-DPMNE's leader Nikola Gruevski constitutional deadlines started running.

Within 20 days the Prime Minister Designate, until January 29, submits a programme to the Parliament and proposes the composition of the government. The Government , upon the proposal of the prime minister designate and on the basis of the programme, is elected by the Assembly by a majority vote of the number of MPs.

Mathematically, the VMRO-DPMNE will suffice the ten DUI MPs to form the government. However, before Gruevski is an extremely difficult task if we know the platform presented by the three Albanian parties as a condition for a coalition. In it are requirements that are directly affecting the Macedonian identity, such as requirements for a new anthem, flag and coat of arms, as well as bilingualism throughout the whole territory.

Gruevski has said he will try to form the government, but that he would not do it at any cost. He stressed that if this time he is played by DUI, VMRO-DPMNE will come back even stronger.

Professor Ivanka Dodovska, as a response to the platform of the Albanian parties, says it's time for a Macedonian platform that is based only on three points:

"Government of Macedonian National Unity, population census and new early parliamentary elections", the professor said in his column for

Strangely, the SDSM is silent for three days and does not declare weather it accepts the requests of the Albanians. Similar promises were made by the leader Zoran Zaev during the campaign, for which SDSM received many votes from ethnic Albanians.

Zaev hopes that he will constitute the new government if Gruevski fails to do so. But experts do not think so.

According to them, nowhere does the Constitution state that the President has to give the mandate to form the government to another mandatary if the party that won the most votes fails to form the government. According to the Constitution, there can be only one mandatary. The Constitution does not provide for a reserve or second mandatary.

"If Article 90 of the Constitution is read correctly and without political bias, you can see the exact intention of the constitution maker when written in a particular way. And the intent is, not in any way, not even theoretically, to leave the legal possibility to circumvent the election winner and enter the waters of political voluntarism", the Professor Tanja Karakamiseva emphasizes for

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