Gruevski for "Republika": VMRO-DPMNE Will Outlive Soros and His External and Internal Servants

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Gruevski for "Republika": VMRO-DPMNE Will Outlive Soros and His External and Internal Servants Photo: Vlatko Perkovski

In the fourth part of the interview of VMRO-DPMNE’s leader Nikola Gruevski for “Republika”, he talks about how much information Soros has about the work and the activities of Macedonia’s Special Prosecution. Furthermore, he discusses the issue of whether patriotism means being anti-west orientated, and the dilemma of whether Soros truly knows who he supports in Macedonia. Here is an extract from the interview.

Do you think that you share some of the blame, as you allowed for such an extended period of time dissemination of the opinion that you are a nationalist?

“I couldn’t agree more with you. As a party, we remained silent for a long period of time, at times, not even hearing the lies and intrigues spread about us among the Albanian electorate, not just by the media sponsored by Soros, but very often by Albanian politicians as well, who have always passed their incompetence and unfulfilled promises to the VMRO-DPMNE’s account, stating that VMRO-DPMNE, as the larger partner in the Government, has prevented this or that from happening. I know this for a fact. It is not an assumption. Some of the Albanian politicians have openly talked about these things during informal talks. This was not only incorrect, but it wasn’t even denied by anyone. I made some initiatives regarding this issue a couple of years ago which hadn’t been supported. This, among other things, contributed to the creation of the false black image of VMRO-DPMNE among the Albanians in Macedonia. Let me remind you that the money of Soros are present in the Albanian media more than they are in the Macedonian.

Historically speaking, VMRO-DPMNE as an organization has neither been directed against the Albanians in the past, nor it is now. However, we are cautious about the intentions of some radical structures both from within and outside the country.

Let us leave history behind, as we will enter different territories. I want to highlight that being a patriot does not mean being anti-Albanian or anti-west. Furthermore, being a Macedonian patriot does not mean that you are against the West, NATO, EU and the USA, and being an Albanian patriot does not mean that you are pro-west and pro-Europe or that you support NATO and the USA. That is nonsense. Just a dirty political paid propaganda.”

Do you think that Soros knows about your reactions? You have talked about him in the past, as well, although you have not addressed the question in a special interview as this one?

"Yes, he does know, I am certain of it. He is probably angry and irritated, but also motivated to spend more money against us, even more so because the people who inform him and send him reports, make sure that he becomes additionally agitated, so he can be additionally motivated to be against us. Naturally, they want him to give them more money for their battle, which is in fact a purely intra-political battle and a battle for money. Therefore, I say that if put aside the ideological differences, it is a single dimension and constant, the problem is that Soros is constantly fed with false and incorrect information, a distorted truth that SDSM wants to spread about us. Then, he employs his influence on governments and administrations in various countries, and becomes additionally motivated to cause problems to us and additionally indoctrinates those particular governments against us.

I wonder why he never asked himself if he and his team were wrong about us, when it is apparent that the political elites they support have lost elections so many times, and even with all the circumstances and games we have undergone in the previous two years, even with the interference of many external factors, the people have once again given a greater support to VMRO-DPMNE than SDSM, despite all the assistance, money and logistics SDSM have received and employed to buy Roma and poor people votes and finance their campaign and the campaigns of other smaller coalitions. If I were him, after so many years of spending money and investing, I would find a way to re-examine my political views, check facts, and correct myself, if I were wrong."

In what direction will the struggle against the activities of Soros in Macedonia directed against your party continue?

"We will continue doing what we have done so far i.e. having an honest rapport with the people and stating the facts and arguments openly, continuously upgrading our democracy, working hard so as our people and state can progress,  fulfilling the promises we have made, resolving the problems of our people. As much as he is stronger and more powerful in terms of financial power and political influences, irrespective of whether he has been misdirected or knows the truth and acts consciously, he cannot succeed in such a manner as justice is on our side. Regardless of his motives, our struggle is honest and just. The struggle will never stop, and he cannot push us away from the true path and the aims we want to reach.  He will not push us away from Macedonia. VMRO-DPMNE will outlive Soros and his external and internal servants and mercenaries."

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