Gruevski for Republika: Macedonia's Unitarity Cannot Hurt Anyone

January 5, 2017, Thursday @ 14:45 in Independent Insider » INTERVIEW | Views: 413
Gruevski for Republika: Macedonia's Unitarity Cannot Hurt Anyone Photo: Vlatko Perkovski

In the third part of the interview for Republika, VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski speaks of the bilingualism, cantonization and changes to the Constitution, following the election, and why are there differences in regard to patriotism, as well as the manipulations of Soros using this term on a global level, and the relations of those circumstances with domestic political scene.

What are you most afraid of when we speak of cantonization?

"I am afraid it may tear the country apart."

Why? How is it possible that Switzerland and Belgium have not torn apart?

"There is a huge difference between us and them. We live in a turbulent region, with many radical structures and a number of conflicts behind us. Some of our neighbors, through the history, as well as today, see Macedonia (or parts of it) as a possible prey. It is not strange that Macedonia has not yet closed the name issue. A canton is a country within a country which has a right of self-government. This is the Balkans. We do not have a GDP of EUR 60,000 per capita to be our cohesive factor. Look at Bosnia, it is a canton-divided country as well. If, for example, the GDP in Switzerland and Belgium falls to EUR 5,000 per capita - you will see what will happen to the cantons. What I am trying to say is that VMRO is not against Albanians, but rather against destroying the unitarity of the country. Every ethnic Albanian that wants to live here, and not elsewhere should know that we are on their side, not against them.

Why do you think there are such differences when it comes to patriotism?

"One of the main activities of the Soros NGO's is attracting young intelligent people at Universities of different ethnic and religious backgrounds. Then, they are indoctrinated through lectures, among other things, about the concept of state and national identity, in the direction that they should not feel like Macedonians, but citizens of the world, a utopian idea that has not functioned anywhere in the world. We should be an experiment and lose the country by having this attitude towards it. Some of the people who have found themselves at these lectures by accident, attracted by offers of free travels around the world and easy money for organizing student lectures have told me about this indoctrination themselves. Citizens of the world - as great as it sounds, this is far from reality. For example, Soros can try convincing Americans that they are not Americans, but citizens of the world, and then he should try doing the same thing with the British, the French, the German, the Italians, the Russians, the Chinese, the Brazilians.... If the idea works there, he can afterwards come here. While he is doing his agenda, our neighbors are extremely satisfied. If he does not find this credible, he should try to live here for a couple of months, get to know the region, and not just read the reports of the trustworthy users of his money. We live in a time when there are 35 ongoing wars for territories in the world, a time when terrorist and criminal groups are entering our territory so as to conquer a part of our country, a time when there are reports of ex intelligence officers about the plans to alter the borders on the Balkans, whereby Macedonia is pointed out as a country from which a part should be taken away, a time when our name and identity are not recognized, in such a time, the Soros NGO's propagate a feeling of shame and suggest that it is shameful to have a firm opinion about these matters.  They try as hard as they can to remove us from power so as to have it easier with SDSM. So, they make us nationalists, non-democrats, a regime, criminals, bad people, they make spins, they take things out of context..."

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