Young and Talented Tennis Player Lina Gjorceska Announces Victories for Macedonian Tennis

November 13, 2016, Sunday @ 12:39 in Independent Insider » INTERVIEW | Views: 662
Young and Talented Tennis Player Lina Gjorceska Announces Victories for Macedonian Tennis Lina Gjorceska, Photo:, Vlatko Perkovski

A few months ago Macedonia had a player who took part in qualifying for the US Open. Big step forward in the career of Lina Gjorcheska was also a big step forward for Macedonia . What she did in 2016, was not done by any of her predecessors, so it definitely became clear that with a lot of effort, a lot of work in training and with full commitment anyone can succeed.

With self confidence, Lina is coming to the end of season of tournaments which are already in the calendar of the WTA rankings, so she announces march towards  to even better ranking on the WTA list, which would bring her a better position during the following qualifications in any of the Grand Slam tournaments.

While she was preparing for the end of 2016, we managed to take of her little free time of preparations to get answers to several questions related to her career and for all that she managed to do so far. This season she won nine titles. Three of them were singles and six in doubles competition. She managed to show that she knows how to win tournaments, so reminded everyone that should be trusted.

In 2016 she jumped more than 150 places in the rankings list singles, and over 100 in the doubles competition. A great year, which will definitely remain remembered as the year of women's tennis in Macedonia.

T: How are you satisfied with your playing in the tournaments in 2016?

- This was a very better year for me than 2015, and that is the goal - with each new year to play better and better. We all know, and  I am very aware that you can always be better. I had a lot of matches in 2016. Definitely I had a few matches that have already been obtained, but I lost. However, in the tournaments that I played so far in this year I managed to win many better-ranked girls of me. By the end of the year I have 3-4 upcoming tournaments, but even without them I am satisfied with what I've done so far in this year.

T: What was the goal that you have set up earlier this year? Which place you wish to reach to the WTA list?

- At the end of 2015 I finished on 350th place and my goal for 2016 was to manage to progress and to place myself on around 250 position. I am currently on 200. place, but new tournaments are following so I can progress even more and have a better ranking.

T: Which of the tournaments was the hardest and  which the easiest to play?

There is no easy tournament or easy opponent. Simply all know how to play and every game is unique and different from the previous one. Tournaments with bigger prize money are certainly difficult because they involve players with better rating. However, it carries a much greater challenge and motive plus for me.

T: What was the experience of playing at the US Open?

- US Open was a great experience for me. We all start to play tennis for one day to be able to participate in a Grand Slam tournament, and thus to be well ranked in the world's best tennis players. That I am the first player from Macedonia who played a Grand Slam tournament is invaluable to me. It makes me feel proud of what I've achieved.

T: What are the plans for 2017 and whether after US Open follows the performance of the Australian Open in January?

Of course, the Australian Open is in the plans, but every successive Grand Slam tournament also. With this ranking currently I have already the opportunity to play in all qualifications, but I  hope for even better rankings so I can enter as a carrier in qualifications, which will open more opportunities to compete in the main tournament.

T: Is the target already been set up to participate in the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020?

- To enter the Olympic tennis tournament is really tough because there participate only a few players. The dream of every athlete is to be part of the Olympics and of course I would like to participate. World Olympic Committee awarded wild cards for players that with current ratings can not enter the tournament, but have good results for the first time in their country, so there are chances of participating in Olympics. However, now it is too early to think about the games.

T:  You come from a sports family. Do you perhaps hesitate between tennis and volleyball or always knew that you wanted to be a tennis player?

- I come from a family of volleyball players. My parents practiced the sport and I have always thought that volleyball and tennis are the best sports for girls. If I had not played tennis, then I would have played volleyball. Although I have never trained, I have a pretty good technique, but I guess it is up to the genes.

T: Which player is your idol?

- It's Serena Williams. Because she plays aggressive tennis, unlike most of the other players. It is the best player in history and is a great fighter on the ground. Serena is an example for any athlete, not just for female tennis players.

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