Aleksandra Mijalkova: Ballet Requires Huge Sacrifices, Which Ultimately Lead to Success

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Aleksandra Mijalkova: Ballet Requires Huge Sacrifices, Which Ultimately Lead to Success Aleksandra Mijalkova, Photo:

Prima ballerina Aleksandra Mijalkova's 25-year career will be marked with a performance of the ballet spectacle 'Cleopatra', that will premiere on November 17 at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet.

Mijalkova has had a prolific career, and she says that preparing for the upcoming spectacle has been exciting for her, in terms of working with a team of renowned artists.

Around 400 people were hired to work on the project. Vasily Medvedev (Russia) is the show's choreographer, Stanislav Feco (Czech Republic) is assistant choreographer, Neria Cepaite Goldberg (Lithuania) is in charge of music, while Boban Kovachevski will be Mijalkova's partner in the performance, playing Marco Antonio.

Cesar will be played by Vasil Chichiashvili (Georgia), Marija Kichevska-Shokarovska will be Octavia and Mimi Pop Aleksova- Atanasovska will assume the role of the Snake. Kiro Pavlov will be Octavian and Doychin Dochev (Bulgaria) will be Apollodorus.

Alexander Anisimov (Russia) will be the show's conductor, while Pavol Juras (Slovakia) has prepared 400 original costumes for the spectacle.

”It is an honor to play the role of Cleopatra, the last Queen of Egypt. Her grace and beauty have allowed me to express my individuality, creativity and dancing ability", prima ballerina Aleksandra Mijalkova said in an interview for

Александра Мијалкова

T: Observing your 25th career anniversary is a big deal. Looking back, would you change anything?

"From this perspective, I can say that I am very pleased and proud of what I have accomplished. This jubilee will be the crown of my accomplishments.

T: How would you describe the 25 years spent working as a ballerina?

"When I recall my beginnings, I realize that I have invested a lot of hard work and dedication in my career that demanded a lot of sacrifices on my part as well. But when you take your career seriously and professionally then you can be certain of a positive outcome. In fact, everyone who puts in a lot of love and dedication into his work can expect positive feedback. The road to success is tough, but the feeling of satisfaction once you achieve your goal is immense. We, as artists, live to perform, produce and achieve, we leave a piece of ourselves as an example for future generations so they can continue on the path of their predecessors. This is how we build our ballet tradition.

Александра Мијалкова

T: What is your inspiration for persevering on the ballet scene for so long, ...success, awards, support from your family?

"The desire for realization, as well as the support from my family and friends. I attain my positive energy from the support of my family. My husband and children are ballet lovers and frequent visitors of my performances, so I owe my success to them.

T: Ballet is an art form that requires a lot of talent, sacrifice and persistence. What was the hardest thing to give up for your career?

"Of course, ballet is a profession that demands a lot of sacrifices, but making those sacrifices ultimately leads to success. Work is a top priority, aside from family and friends of course. At times, I wished I had more time to relax with them, but lacked the opportunity due to my engagements.

T: Talent is a must in this profession, but so are characteristics such as persistence and professionalism...What was crucial in your case?

"Talent, perseverance and professionalism are undoubtedly linked and a person who lacks just one of these traits is likely to fail. We have seen a lot of talented ballerinas flop and a lot of dancers who are not naturally predisposed for ballet soaring to the top. The later are probably more aware of their shortcomings and this incites them to try even harder at what they are doing.

T: What will the upcoming ballet performance 'Cleopatra' be like?

"It will be a grand spectacle, with the whole ballet ensemble taking part in it. A team of internationally renowned professionals is in charge of the performance and the audience will surely enjoy the show.         


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