Filip Taleski: Playing Alongside Kire Lazarov Makes Us Better Players

October 30, 2016, Sunday @ 10:15 in Independent Insider » INTERVIEW | Views: 175
Filip Taleski: Playing Alongside Kire Lazarov Makes Us Better Players Filip Taleski, Photo:, Vlatko Perkovski

Since Naumce Mojsovski and Filip Mirkulovski left the national handball team, now it`s time to enter new talents. Filip Taleski and Filip Kuzmanovski are the two players who have already had the opportunity to see how it is to play in the national team on many important meetings, so on the duels ahead they will have more important role than before.

The new guys are now included in the national team, in which remained only part of the trophy generation. Here are the brothers Lazarov, Ristovski, the brothers Markoski, Mitkov, Stoilov ... They are natives in the national team, having excellent results in the past and now they we`ll have to merge with the youth that carries the coach of the team where he works.

The upcoming matches are a chance plus for us. Since Mirkulovski and Mojsovski left the team, there is more space for playing time for us, but also for bigger responsibility. All this will certainly be a motive, so we'll have to enter each of the matches with maximum - said Taleski.

The satisfaction is definitely enormous regarding the fact that he and his colleagues get the opportunity to play a lot more with Lazarov in the attack and of course to have more space.

-To play alongside Kire Lazarov in the national team is an honor and huge motivation for all of us.  He helps us a lot and gives us advice. All this only increases our confidence and makes me and all  the others who are in the junior team to work more and make progress.

Given that next week are coming two difficult matches of the qualifications for Euro 2018, all the attention and focus is on the matches against Ukraine and Czech Republic.

- We'll have two tough matches and there is nothing controversial. Both Ukraine and the Czech Republic are strong teams. Currently our attention is focused on the first match and after the rally on Monday and Tuesday, we will focus on that match against Ukraine. Then we`ll think about the Czech Republic. We know that Jicha returns but also we know well the Czechs because we played in the barrage for the World Cup in France. Therefore we will try to have a good start.

It is early to talk about success, but it is clear that Lazarov Mojsovski Mirkulovski Ristovski ... get good successors.

- I can not promise that we will achieve the heights of Kire, Naumce, Filip, Borko and the others, but I can say that we will work hard and do our best. I know people expect a lot from us, and we will continue to work hard and be committed to our work. I'll try to be as good as possible and bring new successes - said Taleski for

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