Macedonia Floods: Evaluation of Properties Has Begun, Everything without Value Should Be Thrown Away

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Macedonia Floods: Evaluation of Properties Has Begun, Everything without Value Should Be Thrown Away Photo: Perkovski

The estimation of the damage in the flooded homes in the village Stajkovci has begun Wednesday. In order not to pile up unnecessary waste in the yards, everything that is unusable, or has little value, residents should throw away, Minister of Labor and Social Policy Dime Spasov recommended during his visit at the crisis headquarters of ARM in Stajkovci.

The Government held a session Tuesday evening, and decided to pay a certain amount of money to the citizens in advance, and after the estimates are made, to pay out the rest of the sum.

Some 700 houses of the total 1,050 have been flooded. Minister Spasov informed that up until Wednesday, 50 percent of the houses have been cleaned.

"The estimations have begun, there are many houses that have been hit by the floods. The estimations are carried out by teams of the Municipality and the Government. Before the estimates are done, the house must be cleaned. Everything the residents believe should be estimated can put it aside, and officials will decide on its value. Objects which have little value, or are unusable, should be thrown away at once," said Spasov in a statement for

It is uncertain how long the estimates will take place. In the next 2 days officials should know how much the damage will cost.
"The commissions have already gone onsite. In the next couple of days they will make a plan to see the possibilities and determine the height of compensation. After that the Ministry of Finance should make a precise plan for the compensations," Spasov concluded.

The Stajkovci residents have food delivered to their doorstep, and they can take water and clothes from the elementary school St. Cyril and Methodius. The residents need volunteers to help clean the houses. There are some 1,000 workers and around 460 army members who are helping, but more volunteers are needed.

Some 7,000 meals will be distributed in collaboration with the Red Cross. In order to have a better coordination of activities, a Crisis headquarters of ARM has been formed in the school yard.

The floods that hit Cento, Singelic, Stajkovci, Ekonomija, Indzikovo, Cresovo, Brnjarci and Smilkovci took the lives of 22 people, and destroyed 5,000 homes.

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