Turkey: Special Forces Surround Nuclear Base of US in Fear of New Coup Attempt

July 31, 2016, Sunday @ 14:45 in World | Views: 1260
Turkey: Special Forces Surround Nuclear Base of US in Fear of New Coup Attempt Illustration Photo: Twitter

About 7,000 Turkish special forces in armored vehicles surrounded on Sunday morning Incirlik airbase used by NATO and the United States, Turkish media reported. Turkey's Minister for EU negotiations, Omer Celik explained that a "security check" is ongoing, but speculation appeared about a new coup attempt.

Turkish newspaper "Hurriyet" previously reported that police in the city of Adana, near Incirlik, received information about a new coup attempt, after which special forces was sentthere. The entrance to the base is blocked, and on photos of people specialists with machine guns and water cannons can be seen.

On the spot, as Turkish media said, have been seen many supporters of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. They are said to be the same ones who during the attempted coup clashed with the army in the streets. They are waving Turkish flags and chanting in support of Erdogan.

According to posts on social networks there have been many heavy vehicles directed to the airbase, in order to block all approaches to this strategic military facility in which nuclear warheads are stored.

On Thursday in Adana a big march of citizens was held who demanded the closing of the NATO base, and at the protest anti-American and anti-Israeli slogans could be heard. Protesters said they were confident the United States are behind the attempted coup which occurred on July 15, and that killed 270 people.

Turkish regime after the attempted coup arrested tens of thousands of people, including prominent officers, police officers, judges, journalists, educators. For the organization of the coup, the officials in Ankara accuse the Turkish religious leader and opponent of Erdogan, Fethullah Gulen, who lives in exile in United States.

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