Film "Eclair": Nostalgia for Elderly, Lesson for Youth

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Film "Eclair": Nostalgia for Elderly, Lesson for Youth Illustration Photo: Promo

The short film "Eclair" directed by Marko Djokovic was the last Macedonian achievement, whose action takes place in 1980 in the final days of Josip Broz Tito. It premiered in "Millennium" cinema on May 4, a date that may be selected on purpose.

It tells the story of a local myth, where in the villa "Biljana" in Ohrid food was daily cooked if they get an unannounced visit by the Marshal. The 30 minute film product will quickly return the adult viewers in former Yugoslavia, they will be reminded of the awe toward the beloved leader, but also  of all the things that today are not forgotten from this time - "order, work and discipline".

The role of the cook who for ten years prepared food with love in the hope that the Marshal will come, interprets Zvezdana Angelovska. Her role is characterized by a strong and brave woman, true to her promises in order to be fulfilled until the end.

The film leads a parallel children's love story about the son of the cook and the daughter of the head of the villa (Igor Angelov). Through their characters it can be felt that although only children they know the significance of the  Marshal’s visit and the rich cuisine they can taste only with their eyes. They obey the imposed behaviors of the adults such as "someone ordered so that is the way it must be", but they are incomprehensible for them.

The boy, whose character is played by David Todosovski almost his entire life until then (10 years) he spent in Marshal's villa with a daily expectation that "he" one day will really come.

The content of the film is designed for all ages, older generations get nostalgia and to the younger it sends a strong message.

The other roles are played by Igor Angelov, Dina Jovevska, Goran Trifunovski – Pajak, Boris Damovski, Sara Klimovska, Emil Kostovski, Milka Soleva, Gjorgji Misevski and Jovica Jovanovski.

Producers of the film are Emilija Cockova, Dejan Krajcevski and Marija Dimitrova.

The film is financially supported by the Film Agency of Macedonia.

The production is on "Fragment Film" and it is co-produced with "Krug Film", "Vertigo Visual", "Audiohouse" and "Cube Studio" from Albania.

The film remains on the repertoire of the cinema "Millennium" and it will be shown in a block with another Macedonian film "Lazar" in 8 pm.

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