Russia Expresses Concern Over Macedonia Destabilization Attempts

May 26, 2015, Tuesday @ 16:30 in Views on MK | Views: 7650
Russia Expresses Concern Over Macedonia Destabilization Attempts Russian Ambassador Oleg Shcherbak. Photo: MIA

The Russian Federation urges for maintenance of stability in Macedonia and its successful economic development. We are not interfering in the country's internal developments, but taking into consideration the international law, we believe it would be useful to say that elected governments must be supported by the international community, said Russian Ambassador Oleg Shcherbak on Tuesday.

"Despite the fact that someone likes a government or not, it should be respected, because it is elected by the Macedonian people. Respect of election results is the primary principle of democracy. Election results were recognized by numerous international observers, Council of Europe, OSCE and other organizations", said Shcherbak at the sidelines of the medal-presentation ceremony to the Skopje-based Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Rector, Velimir Stojkovski, on occasion of the 70. anniversary of victory over fascism and his personal contribution to the day's observance.

According to him, governments are changed through democratic elections.

"There is a constitution-based system in a certain country. Our support to the Republic of Macedonia is based on the principles of democracy and openness. Experience has shown that destabilization is a road to nowhere, and therefore Macedonia's fate is important to us", stressed Shcherbak.

He said that Macedonia has all the instruments and capacities to perceive where the threat is coming from, the most important thing being to determine the paths to the problem's settlement.

"Being Macedonia's friend, Russia is concerned over the attempts for destabilization of the country, because this is not in the interest of its citizens, the region and the entire world", said Shcherbak.

He also voiced disagreement with a recent statement by United States Secretary of State John Kerry that Macedonia is in the line of fire between the East and the West.

"We fully reject this confrontation logic. We urge for development of cooperation, mutually beneficial relations based on equality. Russia has promoted the enhancement of bilateral relations with Macedonia for the past two decades in the fields of economy, culture and politics", added Shcherbak.

He said that ideas of radical nationalism and fascism are very dangerous and that everyone should fight together against the renewal of fascism.

"It is clear there are attempts for different scenarios of so-called orange revolutions in Macedonia and other countries. Being an objective observer, we cannot but notice the same scenarios used here as in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Egypt. It is difficult to realize such scenarios only from the inside. They are usually assisted from abroad. I am deeply convinced that the Macedonian people, who have a long history and have suffered so much throughout centuries, will not succumb to such scenarios", emphasized the Russian Ambassador.

He said that none of the so-called colored revolutions have led to improvement of the social-economic state of the population in the respective states.

"These revolutions led to the countries' destabilization and chaos. Destabilization always has a negative effect on the country's economy. Everyone knows that companies do not invest in instable countries", underlined Ambassador Shcherbak.

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