Russia Voices Concern of Gosince Guard Barrack Attack

April 23, 2015, Thursday @ 15:56 in Politics » DOMESTIC | Views: 616
Russia Voices Concern of Gosince Guard Barrack Attack Russia's Foreign Ministry building. Photo: wikimedia.commons

Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a press release on Wednesday to express its deep concern over the border incident in which a group of 40 armed men briefly took over the guard barrack in the Macedonian village of Gosince, close to the border with Kosovo, early on Tuesday morning.

"It is with deep concern that we receive the report of the attack on the night of April 21, by a group of armed men on the Macedonian border post of Gosince, on the Kosovo part of the border between Macedonia and Serbia. The incident at the Macedonian border shows that there are deep ethnic tensions and a potential for conflict in this part of the Balkans. This situation is primarily affected by the serious deficit of security and respect for the rule of law in Kosovo, which is a consequence of the failure to solve the Kosovo issue in its entirety. We also should pay attention to the increasingly frequent 'Great Albania' calls in the region. We hope that the Macedonian authorities will return order in the troubled region and will receive the necessary international support", the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry writes in its press release.

The Ministry further describes the incident, that happened during the night between Monday and Tuesday, when the group disarmed the four policemen at the remote station and videotaped as they beat one of the policemen and issued ethnic and political threats against Macedonia.

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