Macedonian PM: Zaev Thretened Me with Materials from Foreign Intelligence Services

January 31, 2015, Saturday @ 15:52 in Crime | Views: 1258
Macedonian PM: Zaev Thretened Me with Materials from Foreign Intelligence Services Macedonian PM Nikola Gruevski. Photo: Vlatko Perkovski

At four meetings, the SDSM leader Zoran Zaev blackmailed me with recorded telephone conversations he had received from foreign intelligence service asking the formation of a technical government, reports.

This was said by PM Gruevski on Saturday, following the police operation 'Coup' that was carried out earlier in the day, in which one of the suspected individuals is the SDSM leader. Gruevski said that the meetings took place from September to November last year. The first meeting was initiated by Zaev."

"Zaev requested an immediate formation of a technical government. I was informed that in cooperation with a foreign intelligence service he obtained recorded telephone conversations for almost the entire state top, the president, the parliament, the Government, the media and other political and public figures from both the authorities and the opposition. I asked him several times if he was certain he received the information from a foreign intelligence service and his answer was positive. He told me about several phone conversations which I concluded were true, part were partially true, and part were completely untrue. However, the fact that part of them were true speaks about the seriousness of the situation," Gruevsk said, explaining that Zaev in the following days, started to talk about that in public, thus enhancing the threat.

The PM criticized Zaev for his pride and self-confidence in his statements that foreign intelligence services have provided him with an anti-constitutional and illegally obtained materials in order to realize some personal goal.

Gruevski said that he has strong and irrefutable evidence that Zaev was threatening him and the Government.

"There are some things that can’t be ignored and that is the interest of the country. I will not allow threats, blackmails and set-ups. I couldn’t believe that a person who would like to be in charge of this country can proudly say that he is cooperating with foreign intelligence services," said the PM.

Verusevski, his wife and an official of the municipality of Strumica, where Zaev is the mayor, have been detained, while Zaev himself is not detained. In a comment published by a news site, the SDSM leader said that "this is a transparent attempt by the Government to prevent the publication of its crimes and all the evil this criminal Government has caused".

In his public address, Gruevski underlined that he will answer all those questions in a court procedure.

"I call upon all of you to follow the case with attention, to look at the evidence and recognize the speculations. The truth will come out, there are evidence for everything," the premier urged.

Zaev is one of the four persons suspected in the vast-scale police operation 'Coup'. With several personal meetings and telephone conversations with the president of the Government, he had clearly threatened the latter of possessing evidence against him, the interior ministry said.

The three other suspects have been sentenced to custody, except the SDSM leader. A criminal charge for violence against the highest state representatives has been filed against him.

The interior ministry added that for the first time in Macedonian history a case was realized involving endangering the state order and undemocratic taking over of power.

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