Over 50 Archaeological Artifacts Discovered During Research at Site Mrdaja

October 28, 2014, Tuesday @ 15:07 in Society » CULTURE | Views: 2003
Over 50 Archaeological Artifacts Discovered During Research at Site Mrdaja Artifact Photo: Wikipedia

Rich archaeological movable and immovable material has been collected so far in the research at the archaeological site Mrdaja on the shore of Lake Dojran, which was discovered in 2012 during construction work to expand the city beach in Star Dojran.

As the Ministry of Culture announced, the archaeological material chronologically belongs to the late bronze period and the transition towards the Iron Age.

"Among the found items there are 54 sticks of the palafite neighborhood and works made of bronze (knives, sickles, hooks, and an ax), whole or fragmented pieces of pottery with a distinctive matte-painted decoration and specific amphora shape pots with ornate taping. In addition, there are fragments of pottery for everyday use and pottery for storing food products. All these findings indicate affiliation to lower Vardar cultural group, with a time definition between XI to XIII century BC", reads the statement.

Archaeological activities at the site have continued, for the third year in a row, and are supported by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia. Leader organization is the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and the Museum - Strumica, in collaboration with the National Institute, the Museum - Gevgelija.

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