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Donald Trump Talks Trade, Climate Change with EU Leaders

May 25, 2017, Thursday @ 18:33 in World | Views: 60

A smiling Donald Trump offered European Union chiefs assurances on security in Brussels on Thursday but EU officials did not conceal lingering differences with US president over Russia, trade and climate change, Euronews reported.

Donald Trump Tells NATO Meeting Terrorism Must Be Stopped

May 25, 2017, Thursday @ 18:04 in World | Views: 93

United States President Donald Trump has told a NATO meeting in Brussels terrorism must be "stopped in its tracks", the BBC reported.

Hoyt Yee: I Do Not Believe Sayings of Movement for Creating Great Albania

May 25, 2017, Thursday @ 17:34 in Politics | Views: 184

US Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Hoyt Yi rejected the statements and calls from the Balkan politicians for creating "Greater Albania", saying that some of them are made in the context of election campaigns and do not reflect

Some 65 Percent of Electricity Consumption in March Came from Domestic Sources

May 25, 2017, Thursday @ 17:02 in Business » Energy | Views: 73

The State Statistics Bureau informed that in March about 65 percent of all electricity consumption in Macedonia came from domestic sources.

John Kerry: Americans Should Learn Russian to Influence Donald Trump

May 25, 2017, Thursday @ 16:46 in World | Views: 26

Americans who want to influence the new United States government should learn Russian, US ex-Secretary of State John Kerry says, the BBC reported.

Brazil Government Withdraws from Deploying Army Soldiers in Brasilia

May 25, 2017, Thursday @ 16:34 in World | Views: 51

Brazil’s government revoked on Thursday a presidential decree that deployed army soldiers in the Brazilian capital to contain protests against President Michel Temer and his austerity measures.

Syrian Army Retakes Territory in Rebel-held Area

May 25, 2017, Thursday @ 16:03 in World | Views: 51

The Syrian army said it had retaken a swathe of territory from Islamic State in southern Syria on Thursday in a rapid advance near areas held by United States -backed Syrian rebels at the border with Jordan and Iraq, Euronews reported.

US Warships Sail Close to Disputed Reef

May 25, 2017, Thursday @ 15:34 in World | Views: 57

A US warship has sailed close to an artificial island built by China in the South China Sea, the first challenge to Beijing's claim to the waters since President Donald Trump took office, the BBC reported.

Regulation Needed to Govern Use of the Internet

May 25, 2017, Thursday @ 15:02 in Politics | Views: 58

The absence of uniform global regulation that would govern the use of the Internet and the enormous impact of the Internet on all walks of life opens up more questions about its use and abuse.

President Ivanov Arrives in Rome For Annual Honoring of Ss Cyril and Methodius

May 25, 2017, Thursday @ 14:02 in World » Region | Views: 65

Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov arrives in Rome for the annual celebration of the brothers Cyril and Methodius, the 9th century missionaries who brought Christianity to much of the Slavic speaking east of Europe.

UK Police Stop Passing Manchester Bombing Information to US over Leaks

May 25, 2017, Thursday @ 13:56 in World | Views: 62

British police have stopped sharing evidence from its investigation into the terror network behind the Manchester bombing with the United States after a series of leaks left investigators and the government furious.

PM: Montenegro Continues Process of European Integration

May 25, 2017, Thursday @ 13:30 in World » Region | Views: 59

Speaking to the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini, the Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic pointed out that Montenegro's commitment to the path towards the European Union is stronger than ever, adding that as a NATO membe

The Pope Gave Donald Trump a 192-page Letter on Climate Change

May 25, 2017, Thursday @ 13:00 in Society » Environment | Views: 172

Donald Trump was given a gift during his meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican: a papal letter detailing why the world should fight against climate change.

Venezuela Prosecutor Accuses Security of Excessive Force

May 25, 2017, Thursday @ 12:26 in World | Views: 62

As Venezuela struggles to manage an ever-worsening economic and political crisis, its chief prosecutor has accused security officers of excessive force.

Deadly Blast Rocks Jakarta

May 25, 2017, Thursday @ 11:48 in World | Views: 140

Police in Jakarta say twin blasts have killed at least three of their officers and injured ten people.