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Five Things Successful People Do Before 8:00 a.m.

November 6, 2013, Wednesday @ 17:18 in Lifestyle | Views: 111

Early to bed, early to rise could make you even more successful, according to a report.

Champions League Vardar-Metalurg Matches Under Security Supervision of EHF

November 6, 2013, Wednesday @ 17:14 in Sports | Views: 239

The forthcoming Champions League duels between Vardar and Metalurg are going to be under security supervision of EHF.

Debate: Macedonia and China to Intensify Economic Cooperation

November 5, 2013, Tuesday @ 17:10 in Business » Finance | Views: 208

Macedonia and China possess a significant potential to put some dynamics and intensify the economic collaboration.

The 37th General UNESCO Conference Starts Today

November 5, 2013, Tuesday @ 17:08 in Society » Culture | Views: 61

The 37th General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) starts today in Paris. On November 12th Irina Bokova is expected to be elected a Director-General.

Lunacek: The Elections Should Be Repeated in the Northern Part of Kosovska Mitrovica

November 5, 2013, Tuesday @ 17:05 in Politics | Views: 61

European Parliament Rapporteur Ulrike Lunacek considers that the local elections in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica should be repeated and criticized Kosovo Police Department because they had very few policemen present on the day of the elections.

EU prognosis: Macedonia Will Have Higher GDP than EU and USA

November 5, 2013, Tuesday @ 17:01 in Politics » Macedonia in EU | Views: 120

The European Commission released today the fall forecasts on the economic situation in the European Union and in the world, where the Republic of Macedonia is considered to end 2013 with a 2 percent GDP growth rate.

Desecration of the Memorial Plaque of the Poet Andrej Petkovic in Rijeka

November 5, 2013, Tuesday @ 16:59 in Crime | Views: 94

The memorial plaque containing text written in Macedonian and Croatian, dedicated to the Macedonian poet, educator, linguist and diplomat, Andrej Petkovic was desecrated in Rijeka.

Samaras: Greece is Not at War with the EU and the IMF

November 5, 2013, Tuesday @ 16:57 in Politics » Diplomacy | Views: 42

Greece is not in war with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, stated the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

EU: Kosovo Elections Successful Despite Violence Outbreaks

November 5, 2013, Tuesday @ 16:53 in Business | Views: 53

EU Election Observation Mission says that Kosovo local elections were successful despite intimidation and the threats and attacks from the gangs opposing the elections.

Radovis and Skopje Will Host the 43rd Golden Gong

November 5, 2013, Tuesday @ 16:51 in Sports | Views: 186

Macedonian capital Skopje and Radovis are this year's hosts of the international boxing tournament “Golden gong”, which will take place on November 7-10th.

EU should find a creative way to approach Western Balkans as a whole

November 5, 2013, Tuesday @ 16:46 in Business | Views: 45

Serbia is among the front runners in the race for admission into the European Union, but the whole process of enlargement is endangered because of the wrong approach of EU towards the Western Balkans, according to the new study.

Excavation Continues on Prehistoric Settlement Orlovica

November 5, 2013, Tuesday @ 16:42 in Society » Archaeology | Views: 167

Excavation activities have continued in prehistoric settlement Orlovica, near the village Rakotinci in Skopje area.