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New Round of Negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina

November 25, 2013, Monday @ 12:44 in World | Views: 58

Belgrade and Pristina should start a new round of negotiations mainly regarding the Community of Serbian Municipalities, Kosovo newspaper „Tribuna“ announces.

Prime Minister of Montenegro: Athens and Skopje should move ahead

November 25, 2013, Monday @ 12:36 in Politics » Macedonia in EU | Views: 47

Peace and stability are prerequisites for development, said Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic at the Economic Forum held in Vienna on November 24.

Macedonian Foreign Minister to Meet French Counterpart

November 25, 2013, Monday @ 09:26 in Politics » Diplomacy | Views: 55

Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki is slated to meet with his French counterpart Laurent Fabius in Paris today.

Greeks and Turks Eager to Establish Business in Macedonia

November 24, 2013, Sunday @ 22:16 in Business | Views: 74

Notwithstanding the name dispute, Greek citizens rank first on the list of foreign countries with the highest number of companies founded in Macedonia.

Iran and World Powers Reach Historic Nuclear Agreement

November 24, 2013, Sunday @ 22:00 in World | Views: 28

Iran and six world powers finally reached an agreement early Sunday in Geneva regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

Over 11,000 Children Killed in Syria Conflict

November 24, 2013, Sunday @ 21:23 in World | Views: 51

More than 11,000 children have died in the civil war in Syria, including hundreds targeted by snipers, BBC reports.

Syrian Refugees Face Bad Conditions in Balkan Camps

November 24, 2013, Sunday @ 20:30 in World | Views: 455

Balkan countries are easy targets for thousands of Syrian and other refugees from the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Ruzic: Serbia in EU by 2020 - Realistic Scenario

November 24, 2013, Sunday @ 19:17 in World | Views: 177

The assessment that we might technically complete the negotiations in four years, means that we could become an EU member by 2020, says Branko Ruzic, Serbian Minister without portfolio in change of EU integration.

Switzerland Votes: „No“ to Limiting Executives' Pay at 12 Times Lowest Salary

November 24, 2013, Sunday @ 17:55 in World | Views: 97

Campaign backers wanted Swiss executive pay capped at 12 times that of the lowest paid - something business leaders say will damage foreign investment, BBC reports.

United Macedonian Diaspora: Merkel to Recognize Macedonia’s Constitutional Name

November 24, 2013, Sunday @ 14:46 in Politics » Diplomacy | Views: 50

The United Macedonian Diaspora urges German Chancellor Angela Merkel to recognize Macedonia under its constitutional name.

Macedonian Representative at Eurovision Song Contest: I Will Win Serbian Votes

November 23, 2013, Saturday @ 20:43 in Society » Culture | Views: 81

Why not participate? I feel bad that Serbia is not going to participate, but I am also glad. Now, the entire Serbian Diaspora will vote for Macedonia, i.e. for me, says Macedonian Eurovision Song Contest representative Tijana Dapcevic.

Counterintelligence Agency Director: United Macedonia cannot be Harmed

November 23, 2013, Saturday @ 20:39 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 425

If Macedonia is united and homogenous, it would be difficult to impose harmful solutions to the country, says Saso Mijalkov, Director of the Macedonian Security and Counterintelligence Agency, in an interview with Dnevnik daily.

John Kerry and William Hague Try to Seal Iran Nuclear Deal

November 23, 2013, Saturday @ 20:37 in World | Views: 38

John Kerry is to try and seal the Iran nuclear deal, together with other foreign ministers and William Hague, in Geneva, on November 23, the Guardian reports.

Foreign Investment Minister: Macedonia is Great Place to Start Business

November 23, 2013, Saturday @ 20:36 in Business | Views: 53

For a young country that had a very rough start 20 years ago, the business opportunity in Macedonia is pretty amazing, Jerry Naumoff, Macedonia’s Minister of Foreign Investment, said at a conference held in West Homestead, USA, TribLIVE reports.

Women Representation in Parliament: Macedonia Ranks High

November 23, 2013, Saturday @ 20:34 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 34

Serbia has the highest 33.2% share of women in parliament and ranks 24 in the world and first in the region according to women representation in the lawmaking body, Tanjug reports.