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Macedonians Among Crew of Virus-Hit US Cruise Ship

January 31, 2014, Friday @ 21:27 in Society | Views: 103

There are Macedonians among the crew of the Royal Caribbean International cruise ship Explorer of the Seas, on which more than 700 passengers and crew members fell ill few days ago due to an unidentified virus.

Croatian Ambassador Zlatko Kramaric Reiterates Support for Macedonia's EU Integration

January 31, 2014, Friday @ 20:56 in Independent Insider » Diplomatic Channel | Views: 189

In your country, you have a lobbyist who wants Macedonia to get what it deserves as soon as possible - date to start negotiations for European Union membership.

Albanian Foreign Minister: No Interstate Agreement with Macedonia on ”Lukovo Pole"

January 31, 2014, Friday @ 20:34 in Business » Energy | Views: 307

Head of Albanian diplomacy Ditmir Bushati claims that there is no agreement with the Government of Republic of Macedonia regarding the "Lukovo Pole" project, i.e. Radika river.

Czech Senate to Recommend Start of EU Accession Negotiations for Macedonia

January 31, 2014, Friday @ 20:02 in Politics » Macedonia in EU | Views: 30

Upper House of the Czech Parliament, the Senate, is expected to recommend the start of EU accession negotiations with Macedonia in accordance with the European Commission.

Macedonian, Russian Foreign Ministers Exchange Letters to Honor Anniversary of Bilateral Relations

January 31, 2014, Friday @ 19:35 in Politics » Diplomacy | Views: 51

Macedonian and Russian ministers of foreign affairs exchanged Friday letters in honor of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, says Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announcement.

Questions about Sochi Security Abound One Week Ahead of Olympic Games

January 31, 2014, Friday @ 19:02 in World | Views: 42

With just one week to go before the opening ceremonies for the Sochi Games, security experts say the Olympic venues are now among the most protected in the world, CTV's Canada AM reports.

Fall in Eurozone Inflation Rate Fuels Deflation Concerns

January 31, 2014, Friday @ 18:48 in Business | Views: 97

Calls for European Central Bank action to help protect the eurozone's fragile recovery have grown after the release of inflation and jobless data, BBC reports.

Poll: Ruling Macedonian Party VMRO-DPMNE and Nikola Gruevski Enjoy Highest Public Trust

January 31, 2014, Friday @ 18:24 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 144

If parliamentary elections were to be held tomorrow, 26.1 percent of the citizens would vote for the ruling party VMRO-DPMNE, whereas opposition party SDSM would gain 15.1 percent of the votes.

Agriculture Minister Ljupco Dimovski Meets French Ambassador to Macedonia

January 31, 2014, Friday @ 17:18 in Independent Insider » Diplomatic Channel | Views: 282

Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Water Management, Ljupco Dimovski, had a meeting today with the French Ambassador to Macedonia, Laurence Auer.

Macedonia: Jasen Area on World Map of Hunting Tour Operators

January 31, 2014, Friday @ 16:17 in Business » Tourism | Views: 640

Jasen hunting area is quite attractive for American, Russian and European hunters.

Macedonian Parliament Speaker to Announce Presidential Elections

January 31, 2014, Friday @ 15:08 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 20

The Parliament speaker Trajko Veljanoski said he would announce the presidential elections tomorrow and set the date for their official start.

Macedonian and Bulgarian Banks to Create Funds for Mutual Projects

January 31, 2014, Friday @ 13:45 in Business » Finance | Views: 59

Financiers from Macedonian and Bulgarian banks for development promotion started negotiations on creation of special funds for crediting mutual projects and improvement of the trade between both countries.

Volgograd Suicide Bombers Identified, Suspected Accomplices Detained

January 30, 2014, Thursday @ 21:02 in World | Views: 74

The two suicide bombers responsible for the attacks in Russia’s Volgograd in December have been identified, the Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee said.

US Federal Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty for Boston Bombing Suspect

January 30, 2014, Thursday @ 20:37 in World | Views: 56

Federal prosecutors will seek the death penalty against Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday afternoon as quoted by CNN.

Economic Diplomacy Top Priority for New Macedonian Ambassador to Sweden

January 30, 2014, Thursday @ 20:18 in Independent Insider » Diplomatic Channel | Views: 147

Economic diplomacy, above all promoting domestic companies, finding business partners and deepening the bilateral trade cooperation will be among the priorities of the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to Sweden and Finland.