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One-way Ticket Abroad Alluring Option for Weary Bulgarians

March 24, 2017, Friday @ 21:50 in World » Region | Views: 115

After trying for 20 years to eke out a living as the owner of a driving school in Bulgaria, Zlatinka Zlateva finally gave up last September and took a job as a nanny in Britain, Channel News Asia reports.

DUI Spokesperson: Talat Xhaferi Nominated for Parliament Speaker

March 24, 2017, Friday @ 21:26 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 124

Talat Xhaferi has been nominated by DUI and by the parliamentary majority to become the new Speaker of the Macedonian Parliament.

Donald Trump Sets Ultimatum on Health Care Bill

March 24, 2017, Friday @ 21:13 in World | Views: 44

United States President Donald Trump has demanded an ultimatum vote in the House of Representatives on Friday on his troubled health care bill, the BBC reported.

Civic Initiative for Joint Macedonia: Protesters to Stay on the Streets until Albanian Platform is Denounced

March 24, 2017, Friday @ 20:46 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 208

Protesters took to the streets on Friday to say “no” to the Albanian platform once again.

International Whistleblower Day Marked in Skopje

March 24, 2017, Friday @ 19:58 in Society | Views: 66

International Whistleblower Day and Free Speech Day Macedonia was marked Friday in Skopje at an event organized by the Southeast Europe Coalition on Whistleblower Protection (SECWP) and Center for Investigative Journalism SCOOP-Macedonia.

Exhibition and Business House of Macedonia Opened in Moscow

March 24, 2017, Friday @ 19:18 in Business | Views: 107

In the large business center owned by the biggest Russian agro-cluster “Food City”, the Exhibition and Business House of Macedonia was opened in a solemn manner on Thursday.

Stier: Croatia Wants Stability in Southeast Europe

March 24, 2017, Friday @ 18:46 in World » Region | Views: 102

Croatia does not want radicalisation of the situation in Southeast Europe and can contribute by promoting stability in the region, Croatian Foreign Minister Davor Ivo Stier said in Washington on Thursday, HINA reports.

Human Rights Commissioner: European Refugee System is Unjust

March 24, 2017, Friday @ 18:13 in World » Europe | Views: 87

The Council of Europe's human rights commissioner said Thursday that Europe does not have a sustainable refugee policy and that the European Union should move quickly to change it, Daily Sabah reported.

Jean-Claude Juncker: Warns Trump that anti-EU Stance Risks Triggering Balkan War

March 24, 2017, Friday @ 17:49 in World » Europe | Views: 128

Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, has delivered a blunt warning to Donald Trump against encouraging countries to copy Brexit, arguing that a break-up of the EU could trigger war in the western Balkans.

Russia Calls US Charge it May Be Supplying Taliban Insurgents a Lie

March 24, 2017, Friday @ 17:27 in World | Views: 83

Russia dismissed a United States allegation it may be supplying Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan as “a lie” on Friday, saying the charge was an attempt by Washington to try to cover up for the failure of its own policies there, Euronews reported.

NATO Sets Date for May Meeting of Leaders

March 24, 2017, Friday @ 16:59 in Politics » Diplomacy | Views: 130

NATO Allies decided this week that the next Meeting of the North Atlantic Council at the level of Heads of State and/or Government will take place in Brussels on 25 May 2017.

Switzerland Opens Probe into Possible Spying Involving Turkish Community

March 24, 2017, Friday @ 16:40 in World | Views: 104

Switzerland has opened a criminal probe into possible spying involving Switzerland’s Turkish community, federal prosecutors said on Friday, Euronews reported.

Large Fish Kill in Albania's Fierza Reservoir

March 24, 2017, Friday @ 16:19 in Society » Environment | Views: 81

Blast fishing has resulted in a large fish kill in Albania's Fierza Reservoir, MIA reports from Tirana.

VMRO-­DPMNE Insists on Early General Еlections

March 24, 2017, Friday @ 16:06 in Politics » Domestic | Views: 133

VMRO­-DPMNE insists on holding early general elections, member of Parliament Krste Jovanovski said at a press conference on Friday.

Government and Public Debt Reduced Due to GDP Growth

March 24, 2017, Friday @ 15:54 in Business » Finance | Views: 82

The government and public debt have reduced after a GDP revision, the Finance Ministry said on Friday.